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Hi, I’m Lindsey Bugbee, founder of The Postman’s Knock! I am so glad you’ve stopped by.

The About page on any website is the very first one I visit. Why? Because I love hearing other people’s stories! How did someone’s blog/website come about? What was the evolution of their business? What drives them to do the thing they do?

Lindsey’s Story

I grew up in rural Kansas {we’re talkin’ farmstead}, which gave me a lot of space and time to develop my artistic skills. My dad always told me, “A clever child is never bored,” and I knew I didn’t want to be considered unclever. I drew line drawings in our sand driveway, I colored on the walls, I painted on the cement floors of our unfinished basement … I kept myself busy!

Lindsey Bugbee in 1989 | The Postman's KnockIn my college years at The University of Kansas I decided to explore another love of mine, books, and I delved into the world of literature and the French language. I took the amazing opportunity one semester to merge all three of my loves {art, French, and literature} and study art history in Italy, France, and Switzerland in 2008.

In 2011, I took an editorial internship with Ogden Publications in Topeka, Kansas. Ever heard of Mother Earth News? That was the specific magazine I interned at. At Ogden Publications, I learned how to blog and optimize content for the web — which sparked my interest in starting my own blog.

After my internship was up, I graduated with honors in English and a minor in French from KU. With these degrees under my belt, I moved to Boulder, Colorado, where I accepted a position at a startup software company as an event coordinator and office administrator. It was there that my organizational skills were put to the test, and I began dabbling in invitation design. I created a few designs for the company I was working for, and ultimately ended up making a BabyQ invitation at the request of a friend. I realized after making the invitation that I might be able to re-sell the design.

How The Postman’s Knock Came About

The Invitation That Started It All | The Postman's KnockIn 2012, I created an itty-bitty Etsy shop called The Postman’s Knock. I named it “The Postman’s Knock” because my initial focus was on creating pretty envelopes for weddings and events using my calligraphy. The first two products in my store were this BabyQ invitation and a listing for custom logo design. Eventually I added other printable invitations and miscellaneous items to the mix, and regular orders started coming in.

A couple months later, I had reached a crossroads: I could either continue working at my 9-to-5 job, or I could delve into a self-created 10-to-10 job. I chose the latter.

The Evolution of The Postman’s Knock

The Postman’s Knock, LLC thus became a more serious enterprise. My business and life partner, Hernán, coded a more rudimentary version of this website, and I was working full-time for clients. I created logos, blog and Etsy banners, illustrations for books and websites, calligraphy for framing, art prints, and wedding envelope calligraphy, among many other things. Eventually, we realized that we needed to narrow our focus, so we broke The Postman’s Knock into two branches: The Postman’s Knock and TPK Weddings.

Custom Illustration by Lindsey Bugbee | The Postman's KnockAt The Postman’s Knock, we focus on:

  • Productivity Tools {which call back to my days managing an office}: These include our Life Organization System planners and individual elements such as our weekly eating roadmap.

  • Illustrations for Professional and Amateur Designers: This includes custom calligraphy and illustrations, available both as vector and non-vector files.

  • Art: We offer art prints because I still love to create art for art’s sake.

  • Events: My event coordinating days left me with a love for unique invitations, so I always have a few fun designs up my sleeve.

The Drive Behind The Postman’s Knock

My drive comes from working with my clients, whom I absolutely adore. My clients are the most creative and kind people that I know, and throughout the process of collaborating with clients, I often make new friends. Many of my Postman’s Knock clients are self-starter women entrepreneurs looking to purchase custom designs or productivity tools to kick-start their methods. I have been ecstatic to partner up with:

The Memory Keeper's Studio Logo | The Postman's Knock

And, hey, guess what? I’d love to work with you, too. Have you checked out my “Work with Me” page? Head on over there after reading these little fun facts:

Meet Lindsey, in Bullet Points

Lindsey Bugbee | The Postman's Knock

  • My second and third toes are webbed on both feet. I’m just grateful my big toe isn’t in the mix because I love wearing flip-flops!

  • I live with the love of my life in Boulder, Colorado. His name is Hernán and he’s from Perú. We met in 2009 while we were both students at The University of Kansas.

  • On that note, every December we spend a few weeks in Perú visiting Hernán’s family. Christmas in Lima is amazing because of the beach and the fireworks!

  • I tend to use a lot of exclamation points in my emails/writing, but in everyday speech I employ a slow and articulate semi-monotone.

  • When I was a little girl, I wanted to either be a princess or a mermaid when I grew up. Unfortunately, neither of these dreams have come to fruition.

  • I have two brothers. Their honest-to-goodness first names are Treat and Baker {if you’re wondering about a chicken-or-the-egg question, Treat came first — well, after me}. And I’m just “Lindsey”.

  • I taught myself how to speak Spanish, mostly so I could maximize my experiences in Perú. {I used Duolingo to accomplish this feat, and I strongly recommend it to anyone hoping to learn a new language!}

  • I delight in writing craigslist ads. 99% of the time I get responses from people who have no interest in my item, but simply want to tell me they enjoyed reading my tale of a lamp that needs to be rescued from an evil queen; or a broken dresser who dreams of one day being fixed and loved.

  • My selection of beloved books is very random — not unlike myself. They include Catch-22, Ella Enchanted, The Fountainhead, The Catcher in the Rye, The Cider House Rules, and The Godfather.

  • There’s a book out there that is dedicated to me. It’s called Horses Like the Wind by Baker Morrow. I’m going to go ahead and admit to you that the author is my cousin, who I met once in my life at a family reunion. Upon learning he was an author, I shyly approached him and asked him to dedicate a book to me {cut me a bone — I was seven years old}. Eight years later, I received a book in the mail. Dedicated to “My Delightful Young Cousin Lindsey”.

  • Snail mail rocks my world. I think it’s one of the very best ways to keep in touch, and I write at least three letters per month.

… And Now That You’ve Met Me

I’d love to meet you! Please stop by the blog, where you can find tutorials, printables, and recipes. It makes my day when my phone chirps to let me know I have a new comment on a blog post, so don’t be shy! If you’re in a shopping mood, visit my store for art prints, invitations, and graphic design elements. Or, if you want to collaborate with me on a specific project, visit my Work with Me page.

Just want to ask a question or share something? Contact me {[email protected]}! I promise to get back to you within two business days.

Thank you for reading and take good care!