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If you would like to gift a course (like The Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Online Course), I would recommend purchasing a gift certificate that is the cost of the course. Once you purchase the gift certificate, you will receive a gift certificate code that your loved one can use to buy the course! This is the best/easiest way to gift a course because your loved one has to create an account on TPK before s/he can take the course. That way, the system can keep track of the learner’s progress for them. (Because of privacy issues, the system doesn’t allow people to make accounts on behalf of others.)

Yes! Lefties can absolutely learn and create calligraphy. All TPK learning resources are suitable for left-handed people! Two articles that you may be interested in are: 5 Tips for Creating Left-Handed Calligraphy and A Word on Left-Handed Calligraphy.

Unfortunately, this website keeps me pretty busy, and I’m unable to take on personal projects (envelope calligraphy, invitation design, etc.). I do, however, take on the occasional commercial project, like book illustrations or design work for magazines. If you’d like for me to consider your project, please feel free to reach out!

Great! I’d love to teach you in person. I don’t offer one-on-one lessons, but I do teach workshops occasionally here in Boulder, Colorado, at The Riverside (downtown). It’s super easy to get to Boulder from the Denver International Airport, so many of my workshop participants come in from out of town! If you’d like to receive a notification once I’ve scheduled a workshop or two, please feel free to send me a message.

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