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The secret to staying in love with pointed pen calligraphy and improving your skillset is fun and targeted practice. TPK has plenty of intermediate calligraphy resources to add to your knowledge base, build on your skillset, and — most importantly — keep you inspired.

— Elevate Your Pointed Pen Calligraphy

Discover the Intermediate Modern Calligraphy Online Course

Take your pointed pen calligraphy to new heights with TPK’s Intermediate Modern Calligraphy Online Course. With over three hours of on-demand video instruction, you’ll dive into advanced topics such as bouncy calligraphy, flourishing, creating guidelines, and centering. Elevate your skills and unlock your creative potential!

Introducing the TPK Intermediate Modern Calligraphy Online Course
Flourished Place Cards
Guidelines and calligraphy centering are important intermediate concepts that we'll focus on in Lesson 7.
Every Calligraphy Ink Question You Ever Had ... Answered!

— Level Up Your Calligraphy

The Intermediate Modern Calligraphy Online Course

Discover the next phase of your calligraphy journey with TPK’s Intermediate Modern Calligraphy Online Course. Designed for beginner+ calligraphers looking to elevate their skills, this comprehensive course delves deep into the intricacies of intermediate modern calligraphy.

Led by renowned calligrapher Lindsey Bugbee, this course offers a well-rounded approach to expand your creative horizons. From mastering advanced letterforms to exploring flourishing techniques, you’ll gain the knowledge and expertise to create stunning pieces of calligraphic art. With in-depth video tutorials, practical exercises, and personalized feedback, you’ll refine your technique and develop your unique style. Take notes and pay attention! At the end of the course, you’ll have graded homework that includes developing your own calligraphy style, addressing an envelope, and designing a café menu.

— student creations

Intermediate Modern Calligraphy Online Course Student Work

Examples of assignments created by course learners:

— Learners Love The Intermediate Modern Calligraphy Course

Student Testimonials

This is the very first calligraphy course I’ve purchased. Up until now, I’ve made use of various free resources. I have not been disappointed. This is a very well presented course which allows you to go at your own pace–very important to me. Also, Lindsey responds to you if you have questions about the course and is very kind–never makes you feel like you’re a bother. In fact, she’s very encouraging. I would (and have) recommend it to anyone who has a basic skill level and wants to take the next steps.


TPK Student

I have completed most of the course and can highly recommend it. It is a much easier way to improve your calligraphy skills than trying to use books or YouTube videos. The class videos are excellent and I love having the easily accessible worksheets to print out as many times as I need to feel comfortable with my new skills. It also helped me to organize all of my supplies and clarify which inks and nibs I really like working with. I would also recommend it even if you’ve already done the beginners course, which I also recommend.


TPK Student

Lindsey is an amazing teacher and artist! She breaks all of the lessons down into bite size pieces, explains throughly without being long winded, and includes a wonderful worksheet packet. If you have questions, she responds quickly and is extremely knowledgable. This is my third course purchased from her (in addition to a few of her other projects and worksheets). You will not be disappointed in anything she creates and I highly recommend this course in particular for the person learning calligraphy, but looking for the “next step”.


TPK Student

— Improve Your Pointed Pen Skills

Learn More About The TPK Intermediate Calligraphy Online Course

Ocean-Themed Letter | The Postman's Knock
How to Make a Gorgeous Calligraphy Family Tree

— Expand Your Skills with these Essentials

Must-Have Intermediate Calligraphy Supplies

If you’re an intermediate calligrapher, there are a few supplies in the TPK Supplies Shop that are a “must” in order to give you project range and build on your skills.

Why Purchase Supplies From TPK?

Many of the items in the TPK Supplies Shop are one-of-a-kind items, like our Brause EF66 pens that feature hand-cut, folded, and molded flanges. Our iron gall ink is an exclusive collaboration between Simon Rous of Scribblers and TPK, and the TPK Finetec palette isn’t available anywhere else. Supplies that are more widely available are competitively priced, and TPK offers support and tutorials that you won’t find on other merchant websites. Purchase Bleed Proof White ink from TPK, for example, and you’re supporting the creation of a detailed tutorial over how to use it. Here’s to shopping small and knowing your merchant!

— Check Out the postman’s knock on YouTube

Intermediate Calligraphy Video Tutorials

Can’t get enough of skill-boosting pointed pen projects? Subscribe to the TPK YouTube channel for cool tutorials and helpful information.

Flourished Place Cards

— Take Your Calligraphy to the Next Level

Unleash Your Creativity with the Intermediate Calligraphy Course

Elevate your pointed pen calligraphy with expert video instruction, advanced techniques, flourishing, and bouncy lettering. Enroll today and unlock the next phase of your calligraphy journey.