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In 2014, The Postman’s Knock began gaining popularity and a foothold in the calligraphy world with one printable calligraphy style worksheet. In the years since, thousands of calligraphy enthusiasts have developed new skills and enjoyed enriching practice using calligraphy style worksheets. TPK’s carefully formulated printable worksheets will teach you how to write beautiful modern calligraphy from scratch — at a low cost, at your own pace, anywhere in the world.

— My Story

Hi, I’m Lindsey Bugbee. In 2012, I decided that I wanted to learn calligraphy.

If you have trouble with a certain letter, print out that letter's page of the Intensive Alphabet Practice!
Calligraphy Nib Angle
This is a partially-filled Janet Style calligraphy worksheet.

I encountered a lack of resources and information that left me discouraged and frustrated. Just when I was about to give up, the concept “clicked”, and I was hooked. I want to share the secrets of how to create this satisfying art with others — and allow you to skip all the mistakes that I made along the way.

I founded The Postman’s Knock (TPK) in 2012, and I created the first TPK printable calligraphy worksheets in 2014. The worksheets include information on supplies, calligraphy techniques, how to form letters and words, and much more. My goal was — and remains — to ensure that no one else has to struggle to find quality calligraphy instruction or information. Now, with over 1.5 million downloads from 500,000 users, TPK’s worksheets are the #1 resource online to learn calligraphy.

— master a specific calligraphy style

Explore TPK’s Popular Printable Worksheets

Straight Calligraphy Pen by The Postman's Knock

While TPK’s calligraphy style worksheets are suitable for beginners, I like them best for beginner+ or intermediate calligraphy learners. If you’ve never used a pointed pen before, it will be much easier to get the hang of a particular calligraphy style if you complete The Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Online Course first! The course is recommended, but not required, before attempting one of the worksheets below. Choose the style that most resonates with you or your specific project, then start practicing!


Meet TPK’s Modern Calligraphy Styles

These calligraphy worksheets will teach you everything you need to know in order to create a specific calligraphy style.

This video showcases a Cocktail Casual Calligraphy address written with iron gall ink on an envelope.

TPK’s comprehensive worksheets begin by showing you exactly how to write every letter A-Z, a-z, and 0-9. Then, you’ll get the guided instructions and exercises that you need to master the letterforms yourself. If you need additional practice, there’s an intensive practice sheet dedicated exclusively to each letterform! Once you feel comfortable writing letterforms, you’ll connect the letters in order to make words. Intensive word practice sheets are also included in every worksheet bundle. Once you fill out a worksheet set, you’ll have the knowledge and the confidence you need in order to use the calligraphy style on a variety of projects.

The worksheet set includes plenty of practice opportunities, both guided and unguided. For example, to learn these letters, you have five guided practice letters, then there are two you need to write on your own.
Amy Style Calligraphy Worksheet

Begin by practicing letter formations with detailed instructions and guided practice opportunities.

Lesson 3: The Alphabet
Kaitlin Style Calligraphy Worksheet

If you have trouble writing a particular letter, fill out a sheet of Intensive Letter Practice.

Printable Calligraphy Worksheet Set (Janet Style) | The Postman's Knock
Janet Style Calligraphy Worksheet

Finish up by learning how to connect letters in order to write words.

— Modern Calligraphy Worksheet Styles In Real Life

Learners Putting Their Skills to Use

Once you learn a calligraphy style, the sky’s the limit! Here are some projects that TPK worksheet users have created, from fabric patterns to pretty wedding envelopes.

— Learners Love TPK’s Calligraphy Worksheets

What Students Are Saying

I have to say this is one of my favorite styles. At first I didn’t give it much consideration, but as I began to practice myself I started to appreciate the casual sprawl of the letters. This style can be a little tricky but it produces kind of a “New York” dazzling posh feel. I like having the lettering style up my sleeve!

Guys I’ve downloaded SO MANY practice worksheet sets both free and paid and from all the popular online calligraphers as well as random ones I found on Etsy. I’ve paid way too much for basic sheets that I got nothing out of. This is not one of those! TPK is the best, period. Kaitlin is a great style to have in your arsenal and if you’re even thinking about ordering this DO IT! If I can learn anyone can!

I LOVE this style! I bought it to use with addressing envelopes and it was absolutely perfect for that. The Amy Style is that great blend of fancy yet casual, cute yet functional for whomever you’re sending things to. It’s fantastic for holidays & special occasions as well as “thinking of you” cards or letters. Love it!

This style is very beautiful and elegant. I love how it lends itself to flourishing. These worksheets have multiple ways in which you can practice the letters and style including a whole section of different words so you can see and practice connecting different letter combos and use a variety of majuscules. I loved it so much, I had to buy the Amy worksheets!

I love this worksheet. The style is quite challenging, but me and my partner really liked it and actually he got the hang of it in no time, so it’s now his ‘standard’ formal hand. Great value and really worth it!

This is one of my favorite fonts from Lindsey. It perfectly combines a more simple cursive/calligraphy letters with learning how to write on a slant, which immediately gives this style more formality. I think it is a perfect combination because the letters are still easy to read and formal looking.

—tpk calligraphy worksheets out in the wild

Instagram Loves Learning with The Postman’s Knock!

If you are wondering if these worksheets are worth it … wonder no more. YES! I have them all. I love them and they make practicing so much more fun!


TPK Student


What kind of paper should I use to print my calligraphy worksheets?

I recommend printing on 32# laserjet paper (affiliate link), which you can find at Amazon and some office supply stores.

Which calligraphy worksheet should I start with?

If you’re a beginning calligrapher, I’d recommend starting with Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy Online Course. Once you’ve completed that course and you have the hang of the basics, you can choose the calligraphy worksheet that appeals most to you! Alternatively, fill out a Not Your Average Calligraphy Drills worksheet. Any practice is good practice, and if you can make it fun by taking on a style or a pointed pen project that you like, you’re sure to stick with calligraphy.

Do you have physical (already printed out) calligraphy worksheets that you can sell to me?

Not right now! There is a worksheet that comes in TPK’s starter kit, however. I hope to offer additional printed worksheets when I have the time to design them. In the meantime, I appreciate the instantaneous nature of these printed worksheets, no matter where in the world a learner is located.

My worksheet is not printing correctly (graphics are missing, etc.). What do I do?

If you are using an older version of a PDF reader (which happens a lot), then sometimes that PDF reader will have trouble communicating with your printer. You’ll know this is the case because some images will appear as black boxes, pages will print out blank, or pages will be divided up in a way that does not match what you are seeing on the computer screen.
Luckily, this is a problem that can be rectified in a few easy steps:
1. Download Adobe Reader (it’s free!).
2. Once Adobe Reader has downloaded, open it.
3. Open the worksheet file using the reader (go to File > Open).
4. Go to File > Print, and the result will be top-notch.

I have mastered one of the calligraphy styles offered on your website. Can I use the style for profit?

Yes! If you put in the work to learn the style, I have no problem with you using it on invitation design, envelopes, whatever — whether it’s for personal or commercial use. The only thing I take issue with, really, is people distributing the actual worksheets to others who have not purchased the worksheet. Though the worksheets contain a lot of information, they are priced so they can be affordable to anyone!

Can I share digital files (such as calligraphy worksheets) with my friends?

I recognize how easy it is to send and share files. Please understand, however, that TPK printable worksheets are priced with affordability for individuals in mind; and to discourage sharing. If you do intend to share with a friend, please be honest and pay for your friend’s worksheet as well. Each worksheet set takes months of time and energy to create, and I am so appreciative when learners respect that!

What supplies do I need in order to fill out these worksheet sets?

Each worksheet set’s product page should list the required supplies. In general, you’ll need a pen, a nib, ink (such as sumi), pointed pen-friendly printer paper, water to swish off your nib, and a non-fibrous cleaning cloth.

How are my worksheets delivered?

Once you complete the checkout process, you’ll be presented with your worksheet files at the order confirmation page. You should also receive an order confirmation email with your the files. If not, check your spam folder! If you have an account on TPK, the worksheets will also automatically show up there.

Janet Style Calligraphy Worksheet

— Worksheet access never expires

Can’t Pick Just One Worksheet?

You can find a comparison of all TPK calligraphy styles here. Pick the calligraphy style that appeals to you the most, not the one that looks the easiest. If you can’t decide, use the coupon code DECISIONS to save 20% when you purchase three or more worksheets — OR — click the button below to snag the three most popular styles.