Hi, I'm Lindsey! | The Postman's Knock

Hi! My name is Lindsey Bugbee and I’m the artist and calligrapher behind The Postman’s Knock (TPK). A passion for art and calligraphy prompted me to start TPK in 2012 as a custom calligraphy and design business. I called my business “The Postman’s Knock” because of my love for beautiful snail mail! As TPK matured, I found immense joy in maintaining the Blog and helping others to pick up new skills — like calligraphy and watercolor painting.

Fall 2016 New York + Florida Modern Calligraphy Workshops | The Postman's Knock
This is me teaching a modern calligraphy workshop in Portland, Oregon.

TPK has given me the opportunity to design materials for Hollywood weddings, appear in publications like Better Homes & Gardens, Parade, and Flow Magazine, and teach calligraphy workshops across the US. In 2024, I wrote The Calligraphy Book, an inspirational coffee table beauty, which was published by DK/Penguin Random House. I was also a contributor to More Creative Lettering and The Calligraphy Ideas Book. My proudest accomplishment, however, is the fabulous content on the TPK site. With over 1,000,000 worksheet downloads and 200,000 online students, TPK is the best resource on the web to learn pointed pen calligraphy!

TPK's Top Hits of 2020

I live in Boulder, Colorado, with my husband, Hernán, and my two young children, Remy and Pia . The beautiful design of this website is my husband’s contribution to TPK! Hernán, an aerospace engineer who moonlights as a web developer, is the one who makes sure everything runs smoothly. If there’s something amiss with the TPK site, it’s fixed within seconds thanks to him.

Kid-Friendly Paper DIY Ornaments Tutorial
Sometimes, my children take on the role of assistant! Remy helped me with this tutorial.

My favorite things in life include art and calligraphy, wordsmithing on the TPK Blog, traveling (and sketchbook journaling about it afterwards!), and spending time with my family in Kansas and Peru. You can follow me on Instagram — @thepostmansknock — to stay up to date with my/TPK’s happenings.