Welcome to Procreate FAQs

Classic Amy Style Calligraphy: A Limited Edition Worksheet

Welcome to Procreate!

This page is designed to guide you through the Procreate experience with some application basics. Below you will find How To’s grouped by function and topic. We have also added some  bonus Procreate tips you may find useful in your digital endeavors!


You may have noticed that our Procreate Worksheet Sets differ a bit from our Printable Worksheet Sets in that there are less practice lines and spaces. Remember: the beauty of Procreate is that you can delete a stroke with nothing but a tap of two fingers on the iPad’s screen! This means: more practice flexibility, less paper waste, unlimited on the go practice, and brush versatility.

How to:


  1. Under My Account, click on Printables + Video Courses 
  2. Under Downloads, click on your Procreate File .zip and download it
    • Your iPad will open up a separate tab in your browser for the .zip file. This new page will not display the worksheet pages; instead, it will give you options for opening the file.
  3. Click on More…, which you can find under the “Open in ‘Files’” option
    • A box will pop up with options on what to do with your .zip file
  4. Tap the Save to Files button
    • A new box will pop up giving you save options such as iCloud Drive and On My iPad
  5. Save the .zip drive to a place that you will remember.
    • I recommend toggling On My iPad and then saving in the Procreate folder in order to keep everything organized for future ease
  6. Click Add

*Note: this will save the entire .zip file and all of its pages to your iPad as opposed to saving images one by one to your device


  1. On your iPad, locate and open the Files application
  2. Click On My iPad
  3. The Procreate folder should appear; click on it to open
    • you should find the Worksheet .zip file that you have saved here
  4. Click on the .zip file you saved
  5. Click on Preview Content
    • this will open up the worksheet pages; swipe left and right to toggle which page you are on
  6. Now this part is a bit tedious: for each page, toggle the Save icon in the top right corner (it should look like a rectangle with an arrow pointing upwards)
  7. In the box that appears, when you swipe through your applications options, you should notice that the Procreate application thumbnail will appear, and it will offer you the option to Copy to Procreate. Tap on this.
  8. Tapping on Copy to Procreate will take you to the Procreate app, where you will find each worksheet page file saved to the home dashboard
    • You’ll notice that we have named each .jpeg of the worksheet set with the intent to help you move from the beginning of the worksheet set to the end
  9. Click on the page you wish to begin working on
  10. In the top right corner, be sure to tap the + icon and add a new layer
    • this new layer will allow you to practice over the original file, without embedding your new strokes to the image
  11. Then voila—you’re all set! Happy creating!