• 🎃 Introducing the Halloween Fun Art + Calligraphy Worksheet

    Dark (and, if we’re lucky, stormy!) October nights call for some wicked creativity. TPK’s new Halloween Fun Art + Calligraphy Worksheet Set will keep you entertained and help you to tap into the spirit of the holiday! In this article, we’ll discuss the new worksheet set, and I’ll demonstrate a tutorial from within its pages.

    The Halloween Fun Art + Calligraphy Worksheet Set
    The Halloween Fun Art + Calligraphy Worksheet features Halloween-themed art and calligraphy motifs, tutorials, and practice.

    Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love the movies and the cozy feel of the season! Slightly indulgent, heartier food makes its way onto my plate, as do delicious desserts. Mostly, though, I’m delighted by the project possibilities. From skeleton Fridas to spooky envelopes, you can explore slightly macabre subjects. This year, I pounced on the chance to make a new Halloween worksheet, and the Halloween Fun Worksheet came to be!

    Filling out the Halloween Fun Worksheet
    TPK’s new worksheet set features several pages of calligraphy and lettering practice.

    About the Halloween Fun Art + Calligraphy Worksheet

    Until now, the Spooky Calligraphy Drills has been the only Halloween worksheet available on TPK. This year, I wanted to throw a fresh new worksheet into the mix! Enter the Halloween Fun Art + Calligraphy Worksheet. It’s a delightful hybrid that offers calligraphy practice and illustration tutorials.

    Spiderweb mail art
    The worksheet will teach you how to create several Halloween-related motifs, including a wispy spiderweb.

    The worksheet is 21 pages long, and you can choose which pages to print. You can easily view some pages, like the spiderweb instructions, on a screen. Others, like the flourished phantom practice, are best enjoyed printed on 32# laserjet paper. There are several projects to choose from. You’ll practice your calligraphy and flourishing plus learn illustration techniques. You can also create unique illustrated candy packets for trick-or-treaters! I’ll give you all the details in this short video:


    New: A Video Component

    This worksheet set contains an extra treat: a video component. In 2+ hours of exclusive video content, I’ll demonstrate the worksheet exercises and provide helpful tips. You’ll also get an earful of spooky Halloween stories. (I grew up in a ghost town next to a graveyard, so I’ve got a few tales to share!)

    You can order instructional videos for guided practice! Watch them on your computer, iPad, or your phone.

    In the video component, I invite you into my sunroom for an afternoon of creating. It reminds me of when my friends and I used to get together and sketchbook! We’ll chat calligraphy techniques, watercolor blending, and topics ranging from Lizzie Borden to the Amityville Horror.

    A Little Tutorial Treat

    To celebrate the arrival of this worksheet set, I put together a tutorial inspired by its contents. In the video below, I’ll show you how to make a “watercolor” Halloween spider. You only need a gel pen and water to make it!

    If you don’t love the look of a gel pen spider, feel free to fill in your spider with black watercolor. (That’s what I did in the worksheet set.) Both techniques produce a spooky arachnid that’s perfect for enhancing your Halloween paper goods.


    The Halloween Fun Art + Calligraphy Worksheet has one goal: to enhance your October. Use its motifs to channel your inner Halloween enthusiasts! Make cards, candy packets, and/or decor for your house. Create the project that appeals to you most on any given day!

    Halloween fun worksheet motifs
    These two motifs features prominently in the new worksheet set. They look great on greeting cards!

    I hope that you enjoyed the free tutorial in this article! I also hope that the Halloween Fun Art + Calligraphy Worksheet contributes creativity and coziness to your Halloween experience. Thanks so much for reading, and happy almost-Halloween!


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