• A Valentine’s Day Love Letter Worksheet to Celebrate Friendship

    This year, let’s make February 14th about more than romance. With today’s free Valentine’s Day worksheet — a guided love letter of sorts for family and friends — you can give all of your cherished relationships a loving boost!

    Once upon a time, I attended a summer orientation program in the weeks before I started university at KU. One thing I’ll never forget about that program is an activity we did after being together as a group for a couple of weeks. We sat in a circle, and focusing on one person at a time, we each expressed the qualities about that person that we most admired. I’ll never forget how special I felt when it was my turn. Even people that I didn’t think particularly liked me had something nice or insightful to say. We all left the classroom that day feeling uplifted and seen, and relationships were strengthened.

    A Valentine's Day Worksheet to Celebrate the People You Love

    Valentine’s Day hones in on romantic love, but I like to make it about more than that. (Really, I figure it’s better to celebrate my marriage on our anniversary … dinner reservations are no problem on that day!) I consider Valentine’s Day a great opportunity to let all the special people in my life know how I feel. In the spirit of that summer orientation activity, I came up with a Valentine’s Day Love Letter Worksheet for friends and family.


    The Advantages of Using the Valentine’s Day Love Letter Worksheet

    As the mother to two young children, I sometimes don’t do the best job of reminding friends and family that I’m thinking of them. No matter what stage of life you’re in, things get busy, and sometimes loving thoughts don’t leave your head to become a phone call, an email, or a letter.

    A Valentine's Day Worksheet to Celebrate the People You Love

    Even if we do have time to express our feelings, it can be awkward to figure out what to say. Some of us just don’t have the bandwidth or the confidence to write a love letter, even if it’s to someone we trust and adore. That’s where the prompts in this Valentine’s Day worksheet come in. Do your best to write organic answers, then send the worksheet to a loved one. They’ll be so pleasantly surprised, and your relationship will benefit from a powerful recharge.

    A Valentine's Day Worksheet to Celebrate the People You Love

    How to Use the Worksheet

    First, download the worksheet for free here. Then, print the worksheet out on whatever paper is in your printer. Next, fill out each section. If one section has you stumped, feel free to cross it out and come up with your own prompt.

    A Valentine's Day Worksheet to Celebrate the People You Love

    If you don’t have a printer, you can hand-draw your own version of the worksheet. Just make a heart in the middle, write the Valentine’s Day quote, and be sure to write “Happy Valentine’s Day!” in the lower right corner. Whether you print the worksheet or draw your own, it’s a good idea to write down the year for posterity.

    A Valentine's Day Worksheet to Celebrate the People You Love

    Sending the Valentine’s Day Love Letter Worksheet

    You can send this worksheet in any envelope, but I recommend a #10 envelope (affiliate link). This long and lean style of envelope allows you to fold up the worksheet neatly into three parts.

    For #10 envelope art inspiration, see this article.

    Consider filling out at least one of these worksheet within the next couple of weeks. (If your recipient lives in another country, fill it out as soon as possible.) You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how you feel when focusing on someone you admire, writing kind words that will make them feel loved and appreciated.

    Thanks so much for reading today’s article. I hope that you enjoy the free Valentine’s Day Love Letter Worksheet, and that it inspires you to send snail mail that will warm the hearts of your family and friends.

    A Valentine's Day Worksheet to Celebrate the People You Love

    Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!


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