• *FREE* Peru-Themed Calligraphy Drills 🇵🇪

    Peru celebrates Independence Day on July 28th. Get into the spirit with this “Peruvian” calligraphy drills printable, which features themed drills like “Pan Flute” and “The Andes” — plus instructions for making a fabulous flourished llama!

    *FREE* Peru-Themed Calligraphy Drills 🇵🇪
    You can click here to download these Peru-themed calligraphy drills for free.

    My husband, Hernán, grew up in Lima, Peru. As a result, Peru is a big part of our lives: we try to visit at least once a year, and many blog posts for this site have been written at my in-laws’ home in Lima. Peru has sparked my creativity in many ways! In fact, Coquito, a handwriting workbook that many Peruvian children use, was the inspiration for TPK’s calligraphy worksheets.

    Introducing Peru-Themed Calligraphy Drills

    Peruvian Independence Day comes around every July 28th. On that day in 1821, Peru became independent from Spain. To celebrate, I created a little collection of free Peru-themed calligraphy drills to hone your pointed pen skills in a fun and engaging way!

    *FREE* Peru-Themed Calligraphy Drills 🇵🇪


    The Fabulous Flourished Llama

    My favorite part of this drills packet is the flourished llama, which you can use for cards, mail art, or sketchbooks.

    Llama Calligraphy Drill

    First, warm up for the llama drill by filling out the first page of the Peruvian drills. Then, trace over the faint gray version of the llama. Next, use the simple traceable llama template to make your own version of the llama on a blank piece of paper (or a card or a sketchbook page)!

    Traceable llama outline
    You can use a light box or a bright window to see the llama outline through a separate piece of paper. Trace over it the outline in pencil, add calligraphy flourishes, then erase the pencil draft lines.

    The drills in this packet aren’t simple, but they’re effective. This kind of practice is indispensable when it comes to improving your pointed pen skills and staying inspired! I love how the llama motif, in particular, is good for more than just practice. It looks great when drawn on folded cardstock with white ink in order to make an all-purpose greeting card:

    Llama-themed greeting card
    You can find a tutorial over how to make tiles-themed mail art here. It pairs perfectly with a flourished llama card!

    I hope that you enjoy these free Peru-themed calligraphy drills, and that the llama drill in particular inspires you to make many fun spin-off projects. Have fun, and happy Peruvian Independence Day!


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