• Free “Sonnet 18” Printable Calligraphy Worksheet

    We’re about a week into summer 2021, which brings to mind Shakespeare’s iconic line from “Sonnet 18”. Today, I’m offering a free “Sonnet 18” printable calligraphy worksheet with drills, word practice, and a bit of flourishing!

    Sonnet 18 Calligraphy Quote Worksheet
    You can download this four-page worksheet for free here.

    Summer is here, and this little worksheet is the perfect addition to a warm and relaxed day! In it, you’ll practice writing a line from Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 18”: “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” The line is written in a slightly bouncy and flourished style to give you a bit of a challenge!

    Sonnet 18 Calligraphy Quote Worksheet

    How to Use This Printable Calligraphy Worksheet

    First, click here to download the worksheet for free. Then, print it out on a dip pen-friendly paper like 32# laserjet. Get out your favorite dip pen and nib combination (I used a Nikko G oblique pen + nib), and a nice, smooth ink like sumi. Then, when you’ve got a few free minutes, sit down to take on the worksheet!

    Sonnet 18 Calligraphy Quote Worksheet
    This worksheet begins with a few drills to get you warmed up.

    Filling out this worksheet will help you to practice fun letterforms and a few calligraphy flourishes. It hones your calligraphy skills by providing progressively independent levels of practice writing the quote.

    Sonnet 18 Calligraphy Quote Worksheet

    The last two pages of the worksheet feature guidelines to help you write the quote on your own. Don’t forget to give your calligraphy the slightest bit of bounce!

    Sonnet 18 Calligraphy Quote Worksheet


    Tips for Success

    First, be sure to fill out the warm up exercises. There aren’t many, so completing that section will only take you a few minutes. Drills/exercises are an important part of any successful writing session! For the rest of the worksheet, give yourself permission to take your time and really concentrate on the letter formations.

    Remember that the point of calligraphy is to slow down! Summer days are long, so you’ve got time.

    Don’t forget, too, to keep a piece of “padding paper” under the paper you are writing on. (The padding paper can be another page of the worksheet, or just a plain piece of printer paper.) That extra padding helps to ensure smooth, balanced strokes and a more pleasant writing experience. As always, an entertaining podcast or audiobook will go a long way in making your practice session that much more pleasant. Enjoy!


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