• Introducing TPK’s Spooktacular Halloween Mail Art Templates

    There’s a new limited edition seasonal treat available on TPK: The “Spooktacular” Halloween Mail Art Templates Collection! Today, I’ll tell you about that collection and also provide you with three free Halloween mail art templates.

    TPK's "Spooktacular" Printable Halloween Mail Art Templates
    TPK’s Spooktacular Halloween Mail Art Templates Collection is available through October 31, 2023.

    With the turning leaves and chilling air, Halloween stands out as an artistically inspiring time of year. We’re right in the middle of the transition to cozy weather, with days that begin with pumpkin spice lattes and nights that fall earlier and earlier. For those of us who cherish this time of year and the creativity it sparks, finding ways to incorporate Halloween’s spooky elegance into our correspondence is a delightful endeavor! TPK’s limited edition Spooktacular Halloween Mail Art Templates Collection is here to help you embrace the season.

    About The Halloween Mail Art Templates Collection

    Halloween mail art templates
    The designs in this collection differ in medium and style, but they all embrace the Halloween spirit.

    This limited edition printable collection features 12 original Halloween designs, which are oriented to the left side of the envelope. This gives you room to write your recipient’s name or address on the right. Each of the designs is playful, elegant, and many have just a hint of eeriness.

    Halloween mail art templates
    You know your recipients best, so choose the mail art that will resonate most with them. (I love the inky witch or the sugar skull henna cat for kids.)

    You can use as many of these envelopes as you want for your Halloween correspondence! While I love the idea of using these for mail art, you could also use them for:

    • Halloween scavenger hunt clues
    • Halloween event announcements (a haunted house, a Halloween party, a costume contest)
    • (Flat) Halloween treats like money, gift cards, temporary tattoos, stickers, etc.
    • Classroom fun (treats for classmates or students)

    How to Use Your Mail Art Templates

    Halloween Mail Art Templates

    To enjoy TPK’s “Spooktacular” printable mail art templates, you must have access to a printer. If possible, print the templates out on a hardy, pointed pen-friendly paper like 32# HP Laserjet. Feel free to experiment with other papers, too! Orange cardstock and kraft paper are both fun, especially for the black and white designs. After printing your chosen template, cut it out along the gray guideline. Flip the template over, then fold all the flaps inward. Glue the bottom flap to the side flaps, and your envelope is ready to go!

    Making an envelope
    Once your envelope has contents, you can seal the top flap (4) with a glue stick, a wax seal, or washi tape. If you plan to make a lot of these envelopes for later use, consider applying DIY moisten-to-seal envelope glue.

    Once you’ve folded your envelope, it will measure 6-1/8″ x 4-3/8″ (15.6 x 11.1 cm) — just the right size for a 4″x6″ card, a letter, or photos. Write your recipient’s address on the envelope if you plan to mail it, or write only their name if the envelope is destined for hand-delivery.

    Halloween mail art with calligraphy
    You can use a variety of ink colors on these envelopes! I suggest autumn hues: orange, brown, black, or deep yellow are all good choices.

    Ready to craft your own eerie envelopes? Grab your templates and start the fun!

    Limited Edition

    These mail art templates are TPK’s Halloween 2023 limited edition seasonal treat! (Last year’s treat was the Halloween Fun Art + Calligraphy Worksheet, and the year before that was Not Your Average Calligraphy Drills: Spooky Edition.) This year’s mail art collection will be available for purchase through October 31st. After that, they’ll go back into the Vault. Note that people who secure the collection before Halloween will enjoy year-round access to the files.

    As a busy mother of two young kids, I rely heavily on my printer to avoid sending lackluster envelopes. I love my recipients to feel special, even if I’m just sending them a check for services rendered! (As I found out years ago, people notice and appreciate mail art — like my landlord.) These mail art templates are great for when you have the desire to send pretty mail, but you don’t have the time — or you’re feeling a little timid when it comes to making mail art.

    Hint: To make your mail art look like it didn’t come out of a printer, use your ink to trace over a couple of elements in the illustration. Doing so will give the motif a hand-drawn sheen.

    Halloween mail art with calligraphy

    I hope you find as much joy in using these mail art templates as I did in creating them! Any questions, you know where to find me — [email protected], or here on the Blog in the Comments section.

    Halloween Mail Art Freebies

    Try printing this template out on 32# laserjet paper!
    You can download this haunted house-themed mail art template for free here.

    While I love the fun designs and variety in the Spooktacular Halloween Mail Art Templates Collection, you know I also like to offer a freebie or two. To that end, there are three free Halloween-themed mail art templates available for download here on TPK. These free templates include:

    And, of course, if you want to create a variety of creative Halloween projects, you can browse all of TPK’s Halloween-related tutorials here. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful autumn weather!


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