• Learn Calligraphy for a Latté: The Janet Style Worksheet Has Arrived!

    I loved working on this worksheet set. I am *so* excited for you to use it because I think it’s the best yet in the Calligraphy for a Latté series! It’s intuitive, pretty, and functional — what more could one ask for in a calligraphy worksheet? {Also: I know you’re going to love Amazing Envelopes…

    Learn Calligraphy in the Janet Style | The Postman's Knock

    The last time we talked {or, rather, the last time you read my ramblings}, I told you about my favorite oblique calligraphy pens. Oh — speaking of which — the giveaway hasn’t ended yet! Visit the post to enter by Saturday evening. Oh, you’ve entered already? Well, then! Let’s talk about my new favorite calligraphy style: the Janet.

    The Janet is basically a modified copperplate style of calligraphy with a good amount of flourish. It’s legible and neat, perfect for weddings and formal events. If we are being really forthcoming, though, I’ve been using it for just about everything … even our rent check.

    Learn Calligraphy in the Janet Style | The Postman's Knock

    The Janet Premium Calligraphy Worksheet Set has been my pet project for the past two months. A little background: I perfected this style for a friend/client named Janet. I’ve worked with Janet on several projects, and she has an eye for pretty things. I had been playing around with a modified copperplate a bit, and when she saw the new style, she knew it was perfect for the luscious gold-lined cotton Crane envelopes that are the vehicles for her holiday cards. I thought the envelopes turned out super-gorgeous, so I posted a photo on Instagram, and a few people asked me to create a Calligraphy for a Latté set so you can learn how to make them, too.

    Janet Style Envelope Calligraphy | The Postman's Knock

    For this premium set, I went all out. I was working the walnut ink until the wee hours of the morning {okay, that’s a lie — I go to bed at, like, 10:00; but I like the alliteration} making beautiful headers for pages. I’m pretty sure I wore out a Brause EF66 nib creating all the letters. I am unabashedly telling you: I’m proud of this worksheet set. I honestly think it’s the best yet because it’s very intuitive. I’ve done away with the ghost tracer sheet and built it in to the letter formation practice. I added slant lines to the dip pen calligraphy sections. And … I illustrated a supply list that you should probably frame once you print it out {just kidding, kind of}. I spent so much time on this baby that I seriously considered a higher price; but I didn’t because I still want you to be able to learn calligraphy for the cost of a latté.

    Learn Calligraphy in the Janet Style | The Postman's Knock

    Before you start learning the Janet, I want to tell you a few things, though. First, I would recommend printing the dip pen sections off on 70 lb. drawing paper. This is totally optional, but it is a little bit frustrating trying to write on regular printer paper with a dip pen and ink because the paper absorbs the ink so quickly that it spiderwebs out. I generally just cut the drawing paper to 8.5″x11″ and run it through the printer. However, I have heard of people using 32# HP Laser Jet paper with success; so you could try that instead.

    Second, this style is all about picking up your nib to create letters. You don’t create it in one fluid motion, like the Kaitlin style. I have created a video to demonstrate — sorry it’s sideways; I was my own camerawoman!

    After I created this worksheet set, I realized that I was always using a spacing sheet with it. I also have a centering “cheat sheet” that I swear by — it gives me nice and centered calligraphy every time. I realized that I shouldn’t put this worksheet set out into the world without offering you access to these elements as well, so I put together something called Amazing Envelopes for a Latté.

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    Amazing Envelopes for a Latté comes with two spacing sheets — one for addresses with one name, and one for addresses with two names. It also outlines my system for spacing, which I think will be very helpful for you. As you know, I love love love mail art, so I included four easy and artistic envelope tutorials for you to follow {or at least be inspired by}. Finally, I created instructions for drawing neat design elements on your envelopes, like a retro flower cluster and a banner with vintage flair.

    Learn Calligraphy in the Janet Style | The Postman's Knock

    Of course, I didn’t forget the standard version of the worksheet! You are so very welcome to download it for free here.

    I really hope you enjoy interacting with these learning tools as much as I enjoyed creating them! You know that if you have any questions, you can always email me {[email protected]}, and I’m glad to help you out. I feel like I have let some emails slip through the cracks lately — so if you email me and you don’t hear back within a few days, feel free to give me a little nudge.

    Amazing Envelopes for a Latté {Janet Style} | The Postman's Knock

    Thanks so much for reading my gushing about this worksheet and add-on set … it’s one of those things I have been working on for so long that I am happy/relieved/excited that it’s finally out in the world. To recap, here are the links for the downloads:

    • You can download the Janet Style Premium Worksheet Set here.
    • You can download Amazing Envelopes for a Latté here.
    • You can download the Janet Style Standard Worksheet Set here.

    If you’re in the US, have a great Thanksgiving! Thanks again for reading — on Saturday we’ll do a fun tutorial!


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