Valentine’s Day Printable Poster – Love Tree

Valentine's Day Printable Poster | The Postman's Knock by Lindsey Bugbee

Sure, this printable Valentine’s Day poster is concrete evidence that I have fallen victim to — perhaps even support – this classic “Hallmark Holiday” … but … okay, I have no excuse. And if you’re here reading this blog post, maybe you’re a victim, too. The truth is, I like having the chance to celebrate the relationship my significant other and I have built. This “love tree” Valentine’s Day printable is the perfect way to communicate the different ways you love your valentine, whether your valentine is your girlfriend, your boyfriend, or your mom and dad.

So, if you want to cut the crap and just download the printable, here it is: Love Tree Printable Poster. Just click on the link, download, print it out, write in all the reasons you feel affection for your valentine in the leaves, and color it in, as I have done. If you want to read more, don’t fret, I’ll offer the link again at the end of the post.

If you’ve got a second to stick around, I’m going to embark on a monologue like an old grandma (for all you “old grandmas” out there, I am not referring to you, but my great-grandma Jean, who has a penchant for long, involved stories) and tell you what inspired me to make this love tree poster.

Of course, you have the logical reasons: a tree is a good metaphor for love; first it’s a sapling, then it grows, gets branches and creates deep roots, and goes through the different seasons. And it has leaves, which are good vehicles to write on.

Then, there’s my own relationship, which is the inspiration for the tree. Nearly two years ago, the guy who was my best friend and I realized that we actually liked each other as more than friends. We had been attached at the hip for two years before that, and at first it was a little strange to realize that we were compatible non-platonically. I’ll be unabashedly honest when I tell you we have evolved into the kind of couple that used to make me uncomfortable enough to want to throw rotten eggs: the ultimate PDA people. Yes, we are those people in the grocery store who are hugging and kissing among the rows of crackers and chocolate bars while you’re trying to push your shopping cart though. Yep, we’re the people who make restaurant servers cringe and hesitate to approach us because of all the love emanating from the table. I used to hate those people — now I am one. Our family and friends make fun of us for our over-the-top affection, but we’re happy, and that’s what’s important.

Valentine's Day Printable Poster | The Postman's Knock by Lindsey Bugbee

{That’s us on a recent visit to Peru. Obviously I’m on the right.}

In keeping with our lovey-dovey demeanor, I wanted to create something for Valentine’s Day that celebrates our relationship and all the fun stuff we do together that makes us unique as a couple. After I drew this tree, I realized that you might want to use it, too — not only to celebrate a lover, but to celebrate Mom, Dad, Grandma, brother, sister, best friend, dog — whoever. This would also make a thoughtful birthday gift or something fun for someone to receive in the mail.

Just print it out:

Valentine's Day Printable Poster | The Postman's Knock by Lindsey Bugbee

Fill it in with reasons you love the recipient (don’t feel bad if this takes a while; I found myself struggling at times):

Valentine's Day Printable Poster | The Postman's Knock by Lindsey Bugbee

And add color with crayons, colored pencils, or watercolor paints (I used crayons):

Valentine's Day Printable Poster | The Postman's Knock by Lindsey Bugbee

Here’s the link to the Love Tree Printable Poster. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Please let me know in the comments if you would like a copy without text in the banner, or a copy that already has color filled in. I’d be happy to create either of these and offer them on this blog post.

Who will you be creating this Valentine’s Day printable poster for?


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