• (Free!) Watercolor Henna Printable Mail Art Template

    To make an instant eye-catching envelope, print this free printable mail art template on sturdy paper such as 32# laserjet. Cut it, fold it, and add an address. Voilà: a piece that will brighten anyone’s mailbox!

    (Free!) Sunset Watercolor Henna Envelope Template

    Next time you want to send snail mail, I invite you to use this watercolor henna printable mail art template. In this mail art, vibrant tones of red and yellow come together in an intricate henna-inspired pattern. Just print, fold, write your recipient’s address, and send!


    How to Assemble This Printable Mail Art Template

    First, download the Watercolor Henna Printable Mail Art Template for free by clicking here. Next, print the template, preferably on hefty paper like 32# HP Premium Laserjet. Then, cut out the template out along the guidelines.

    Watercolor Henna Mail Art Template
    Once you cut out the template, it will look like this.

    Flip the envelope around and fold the bottom flap up. Then, fold in the side flaps and glue them to the bottom flap. Finish up by folding the top flap down.

    Watercolor Henna Mail Art Template
    This is what the back of your envelope will look like once you’ve folded and glued it. (Once you’ve added contents to the envelope, you can fold the top flap down.)

    Address Inspiration

    After you’ve assembled the envelope, consider writing your recipient’s name in pretty Janet Style calligraphy. It’s a good idea to draft the calligraphy in pencil first so you can make sure the spacing works.

    Calligraphy draft on mail art
    Slant lines are always super helpful when you’re creating Janet Style calligraphy.

    Next, write the rest of the recipient’s address in print under the right side of their name. Then, use the watercolor calligraphy technique and red, orange, and yellow watercolors to trace over your pencil draft.

    Writing the recipient's address on a mail art envelope.
    You can learn how to write using watercolors in this tutorial. (I used watercolor paints from this palette.)

    Once you’re finished, allow the watercolor “ink” to dry. Then, use a high-quality eraser to get rid of any pencil lines. Finish up by applying a postage stamp that complements the color scheme of the henna artwork. Something that predominately features red, orange, and/or yellow is perfect!

    Watercolor Henna Mail Art Template
    You can find cool postage stamps like this one at the USPS Stamp Store online.

    Additional Printable Mail Art Resources

    I love creating mail art from scratch — just take a look at these tutorials! When I have the time, mail art is my favorite thing to make. In this season of life (parenting young children), however, sometimes I simply don’t have an extra moment. When that’s the case, I love printable mail art templates! Last year, I made printable templates from several of the more time-consuming mail art tutorials on the site, which you can find here for a nominal fee.

    Fiddle Leaf Fig Mail Art


    In addition to today’s henna mail art template, there are several other freebies on the TPK website. You can browse all of those here!

    I hope that you enjoy today’s free printable mail art template and that you tap into your creativity while writing on it! Feel free to use different lettering styles, experiment with various colors, and try out unique lettering orientations. Or, if you have some time on your hands and you’re feeling adventurous, try making your own henna motif on an envelope. Thanks so much for reading, and enjoy!


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