• 💕 Free Valentine’s Day Calligraphy Medallion Worksheet

    Today’s free calligraphy medallion worksheet is the perfect supplement to a relaxing weekend! Make your favorite hot drink, wear your comfy clothes, and get lost in the meditative pen strokes.

    💕 Free Valentine's Day Calligraphy Medallion Worksheet
    You can download this free Valentine’s Day Calligraphy Medallion Worksheet by clicking here.

    If you’re looking for a calming project that doubles as calligraphy practice, try making this Valentine’s Day calligraphy medallion! It features heart-like shapes that reflect the upcoming holiday; and its intricacy resembles that of a snowflake. Put the two together, and you’ve got a motif that’s appropriate for this time of year.

    Developing the Valentine’s Day Medallion

    The past few days here in Boulder have been bitter cold, and this afternoon it sounded nice to get cozy in my work nook and play. I made myself a cup of hot tea and started to flourish … both with my calligraphy pen and mentally. Letting yourself experiment with art/calligraphy is always relaxing, and it’s the perfect activity when the weather outside is frightful.

    💕 Free Valentine's Day Calligraphy Medallion Worksheet
    I had fun coming up with a flourished owl and a winter/Valentine’s Day calligraphy medallion. Look for instructions over how to make the owl in an upcoming flourished woodland animal-themed worksheet!

    As I doodled, it occurred to me that you might enjoy making the same motifs. I’m saving the owl for a calligraphy woodland animal-themed worksheet set (look for it in February), and today I’m sharing instructions for making the Valentine’s Day calligraphy medallion with you in a free worksheet!

    About the Valentine’s Day Calligraphy Medallion Worksheet

    As is the case with most calligraphy medallions, this one starts with a circular pencil template that’s divided into eight parts. You work your way around that template to add repeating elements to each part. The movement is soothing, meditative, and allows you to tune out … all while practicing your pointed pen skills!

    💕 Free Valentine's Day Calligraphy Medallion Worksheet

    You can use the worksheet how it best serves you. Either regard it from your computer or iPad, or print it out and take advantage of the practice opportunities on page 5. (If you do print the worksheet, be sure to do so on pointed pen-friendly paper such as 32# laserjet.)

    💕 Free Valentine's Day Calligraphy Medallion Worksheet
    The last page of the Valentine’s Day Calligraphy Medallion Worksheet provides guided practice.


    What to Do With A Calligraphy Medallion

    At their core, calligraphy medallions are doodles that double as amazing pointed pen practice. Think of them as powerful calligraphy drills that will engage and challenge you!

    Valentine's Day Calligraphy Medallion

    Once you get the hang of making medallions, you’ll find excuses to incorporate them into all sorts of projects. I usually put them on envelopes, but I’ve been known to adorn a sketchbook page or two with them.

    Envelope Art with Calligraphy Medallion
    Try incorporating a calligraphy medallion into your next envelope art motif. Even partial medallions look fabulous!

    Other TPK Calligraphy Medallions

    I love coming up with calligraphy medallions because they provide such a respite. When you make a calligraphy medallion, you can zone out and just enjoy the movement. Any mistakes generally get lost in the intricacy of the piece, so there’s no pressure to make the medallion perfect.

    Waltz Calligraphy Medallion
    This is the “Waltz Medallion” from the Dancing Pen Calligraphy Medallions Worksheet. As you can see, calligraphy medallions are especially striking when created with gold watercolor!

    I currently have two calligraphy medallion collection worksheets available on TPK ($6.00). Each worksheet features five different motifs/sets of instructions. My favorite is the Dancing Pens worksheet, but the Birds & Botanicals is also really cool, and it’s the more popular of the two.



    Simple Calligraphy Medallion Tutorial | The Postman's Knock
    This photo depicts a simple calligraphy medallion from this tutorial. Create it in gold and white for maximum visual impact!

    Freebie medallion tutorials on the TPK site include the Springtime Calligraphy Medallion Tutorial and the Simple Calligraphy Medallion Tutorial. Try today’s medallion, then take on those two!

    I hope that you enjoy today’s freebie worksheet! It should help to facilitate a relaxing weekend and, I hope, encourage you to try coming up with your own calligraphy medallion motifs. The secret to developing the best medallions? Make yourself a hot drink, put on your favorite music, wear the comfiest of clothes, and let yourself play!


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