• A Woodland Creatures Calligraphy Worksheet to Spark Your Creativity

    TPK’s limited edition Woodland Creatures Calligraphy Flourishing Worksheet will show you what your pointed pen is capable of creating! In the worksheet, you’ll go beyond “A, B, C …” to learn how to make fabulous flourished creatures. Today, we’ll talk about this new worksheet and what you can learn from it.

    A Woodland Creatures Calligraphy Worksheet to Spark Your Creativity

    For many of us, variety is the secret to sticking with a hobby or a habit. Pointed pen calligraphy is no exception: it’s important to keep things fresh in order to stay interested! That’s why I love taking my pointed pen practice beyond the alphabet. Today, I’ve got a fantastic limited edition worksheet that will encourage you to do the same. In it, you’ll learn how to create four flourished woodland creatures.

    About the Worksheet

    The Woodland Creatures Calligraphy Flourishing Worksheet includes instructions and practice to teach you how to create four embellished woodland animals (a fox, a raccoon, an owl, and a squirrel). The format goes like this: first, I’ll use dots, numbers, and arrows to show you exactly how to create the creature. Next, you’ll keep the instructions at hand as you trace over two versions of the animal. Finally, you’ll use the instructions to create the animal yourself.

    Woodland Creatures Worksheet

    As you make your way through the worksheet set, you’ll find yourself feeling less intimidated by flourishing. Creating these creatures reiterates that flourishes are really just swirls and strokes! You’ll benefit from a relaxing creative challenge, and your handle of the pointed pen will improve. This worksheet is meant to get you thinking outside of the box. By filling it out, you’ll gain an understanding of how to convert practically anything into an eye-catching and recognizable flurry of flourishes.

    Creating a Flourished Calligraphy Squirrel
    The worksheet includes three practice opportunities for each woodland creature. Take advantage of these opportunities! That way, when you incorporate one of the creatures into a project, the strokes will look natural and confident.

    The worksheet is 17 pages long and is best enjoyed on calligraphy-friendly paper (like 32# laserjet, which can be used in home inkjet printers). For best results, use a watery ink like iron gall (or well-diluted sumi) and your favorite pen and nib combination. Note that this worksheet isn’t great for brand-new calligraphy beginners. It’s intended for those who have a good handle of pointed pen basics, like how to apply balanced pressure to both tines of the nib and how to achieve a healthy stroke contrast.


    Meet the Creatures

    The four woodland animals featured in this worksheet set are an intricate treat for the eyes. They include:

    Munching Squirrel

    This squirrel is about to feast on a treat — perhaps a nut or a berry — that she holds in her paws. 

    Flourished Calligraphy Squirrel

    Sweet Sitting Fox

    This little fox regards us with a demure expression and a relaxed, seated pose. 

    Flourished calligraphy fox

    Alert Owl

    This owl knows you’re up to something — and she’s watching you! 

    Flourished Calligraphy Owl

    Curious Raccoon Cub

    This raccoon cub just noticed something that piqued his interest, and he’s taking a look! 

    Flourished Calligraphy Raccoon

    Applying What You Learned

    It’s fun to fill out the worksheet just for the sake of practice, and if that’s what you want to do, power to you! Remember, though, that you can use your woodland creatures to enhance a variety of projects. For example, in the video below, I used the instructions in the worksheet set to make the Curious Raccoon Cub on the back of an envelope.

    You’ll find that your creatures really come to life after you get rid of pencil draft lines!

    Flourished Calligraphy Raccoon on the Back of an Envelope

    I tucked a flourished owl inside with a note on the back to make for a sweet little snail mail combination.

    If snail mail isn’t your thing, you can always add a creature or two to your sketchbook journal. I think they’re pretty as home decor, too! I have an owl on display right now, and my three-year-old loves pointing it out to anyone who comes over. (“Look!” He’ll say, “There’s an owl. Owl says ‘who’, ‘who’.”)

    Limited Edition

    The Woodland Creatures Calligraphy Flourishing Worksheet is TPK’s first limited edition worksheet of 2022. It will disappear from the TPK Catalog on Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022. That said, if you purchase the worksheet, you will enjoy unlimited download access to it! Your ability to download limited edition items never expires.

    Instructions for making a flourished calligraphy fox
    While the time frame to purchase this worksheet is limited, the ability to download it once you have placed your purchase never expires.

    Free Alternative

    If you’re looking to create something like the woodland creatures shown in this worksheet set, you can try the Free Printable “Flourish by Number” Bunny. The bunny worksheet uses a different teaching approach (and flourishes that are a bit less intricate), but it’s a fun exercise that will get your pen warmed up and your creativity flowing!

    Free Printable "Flourish by Number" Bunny | The Postman's Knock
    You can learn about this free worksheet and find a link to download it for free in this article.

    I hope that this temporary addition to the TPK worksheet collection is just what you need to switch up your winter pointed pen practice! I really enjoyed coming up with the motifs for it, and I was grateful for the relaxation that flourishing provided. I’m about to become a mother for the second time (due date February 14th!), and making these creatures helped me to feel calm, centered, and prepared for what’s to come.

    Woodland Animal Calligraphy

    Obviously, you don’t need to have a big change coming up in your life to enjoy making these woodland animals. Embracing your creativity is always a good thing, no matter what’s going on! Thanks so much for reading, and enjoy!


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