In case you’re wondering: yes! Iron gall ink is more acidic than many of its inky peers, and it may “eat” your nib a bit quicker than other inks. As per usual, make sure you have a couple of extra nibs on hand to use when your nib goes kaput. I promise: the slightly increased wear on your nibs is worth it. You’re going to love this ink!

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Weight 4 oz

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  1. Larry Gabler

    This Iron Gall Ink is wonderful. Absolutely beautiful hairlines. I have been doing calligraphy for over 35 years professionally. I always heard of Iron Gall Ink but never used due to the fact that it damaged your nibs. Upon seeing the results I feel that it is worth it. It is an exceptional ink that produces beautiful results. I have used it on some of my other Copperplate jobs and it looks great. Thanks Lindsey.

  2. kbryan1079

    I purchased the Iron Gall ink recently and I’m so glad I did!! I love it!! 😊

  3. Cheryl C.

    Love this iron gall ink! Very smooth, nice gradients and able to create lovely fine flourishes. Thanks Lindsey for for the supplies!

  4. Paige

    I love the consistency and color of this ink! It is smooth, easy to write with, and has a beautiful gradient to it. I don’t think I can ever go back to using another ink 🙂

  5. ldalrymple5

    I enjoy practicing with this ink. I had been using Sumi ink but the consistency of the iron gall helps me make the thin upstrokes. I also can do my flourishes more easily!

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