• Announcing the Last TPK Calligraphy Workshops of 2017 – Tampa, FL

    The last TPK beginner’s modern calligraphy workshops will take place in Tampa in December. Come and enjoy the warm weather as I cover all the calligraphy basics and give individual feedback/corrections! Every participant will go home with a bundle of high-quality calligraphy supplies, inspiration, and a solid foundation of dip pen knowledge.

    TPK Beginner's Modern Calligraphy Workshop | The Postman's Knock

    If you’ve been reading TPK for at least the past few months, then you know that I occasionally teach calligraphy workshops. The workshops are, without question, the highlights of my year! The feeling of helping learners to “click” with key calligraphy concepts and build a strong foundation is incredibly rewarding.

    TPK Beginner Calligraphy Workshop | The Postman's Knock

    2017 has flown by, and I only have one workshop weekend available for this year: December 16th and 17th in Tampa, Florida. A self-proclaimed snow bird, I have chosen to teach in Tampa for the last two Decembers because:

    1. I get to teach at The Paper Seahorse, which is a paper/calligraphy/art shop in an old craftsman bungalow that I’m in love with.
    2. The warm December weather in Tampa is amazing. There’s no better feeling than creating calligraphy while enjoying a 75 degree breeze coming through the open door at The Paper Seahorse!
    3. Florida is a good halfway point between Colorado and Peru, where we spend the holidays with my in-laws. So, Tampa is not only a favorite calligraphy workshop stop of mine; it’s logical!

    About TPK Beginner Modern Calligraphy Workshops

    All three of the workshops that I’m teaching in Tampa are beginner workshops. When I say “beginner”, I really mean beginner. If you have never picked up a dip pen before in your life, you’ll do a good job! Beginner workshops are also a favorite for those who have practiced with a dip pen, but aren’t quite getting the hang of it. We start with a few minutes of faux calligraphy, which is calligraphy created with a regular pen.

    Announcing the Last TPK Calligraphy Workshops of 2017 - Tampa, FL | The Postman's Knock
    Faux calligraphy helps to get your hand warmed up for the rest of the workshop! It serves as a good introduction to stroke contrast, which is a vital part of dip pen calligraphy.

    After a few minutes of faux calligraphy, you’ll use a straight dip pen. Straight pens can be very difficult to write with — especially for right-handed learners — so I’ll help you learn how to regulate your angle and pressure exertion. By the end of the hour, you will be writing much more confidently!

    TPK Boulder Modern Calligraphy Workshop | The Postman's Knock
    Straight pens can be difficult to use. If you don’t hold the pen at the correct angle or keep the tines evenly on the paper, it will catch on the paper fibers! I’ll teach you how to avoid issues as you write.

    After working with the straight pen, we’ll move on to my favorite part: the oblique pen! Many learners are terrified of oblique calligraphy pens because they look strange. After a couple of minutes of writing, however, you’ll be in love. Oblique calligraphy pens make life much easier for most right-handed writers (and some lefties as well)! Using a nice oblique pen makes a big difference, so I’ll provide you with a high-quality brass flanged pen.

    Beginner Calligraphy Workshop | Boulder, CO
    People generally approach oblique pens with a fair amount of trepidation. However, after an explanation and individual feedback on how to hold your oblique pen, you’ll never want to use anything else!

    After lots of practice and individual feedback, we conclude the workshop by learning how to write with white ink. White ink can be finicky, so it’s nice to use it for the first time while you have someone there who knows its nuances! To finish up, I conduct a raffle of a few fun calligraphy items (inks, pens, etc.). Whether you win or not, you get to go home with a nice haul of goodies — and homework!

    TPK Boulder Modern Calligraphy Workshops | The Postman's Knock
    I believe that it’s important to always use high-quality calligraphy supplies, especially when you’re first learning. That’s why you’ll only go home with the best pens, inks, nibs, and paper.

    What Participants are Saying

    Here are some workshop testimonials from the spring and summer Boulder calligraphy workshops:

    “Lindsey’s class was fabulous! We flew all the way from Houston to attend, and it was so worth the trip! She provides every necessary supply, and she is actively engaged in ensuring that every one of her students leaves feeling more confident at calligraphy! It was a joy and a blessing to take part in this experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to attend! Lindsey is a lovely person and a skilled teacher!” – Katie A.

    TPK Beginner's Modern Calligraphy Workshop | The Postman's Knock
    TPK beginner calligraphy workshops are three hours long … and those three hours go by in what feels like fifteen minutes! It’s a fun session full of learning and creativity.

    “Who would have thought that in 3 hours I could improve my calligraphy so much? Not me! But I was overjoyed at my progress. PLUS giving us the “how to write in white” was absolutely invaluable. I had experimented on my own with no luck. And the results are so dramatic that even if my letter formation isn’t great, it still looks terrific!” – Jan M.

    “This workshop was so fun! I always wanted to learn calligraphy and actually downloaded some of Lindsey’s videos, but there’s so much more to learn in person. I loved the feedback and interaction — that was priceless!! Lindsey is so patient and the price was very reasonable for all the supplies and resources, not to mention confidence I walked out with.” – Judy B.

    How to Sign Up

    Announcing the Last TPK Calligraphy Workshops of 2017 - Tampa, FL | The Postman's Knock
    If you don’t live in the Tampa area, consider making a weekend of it and flying in! You can often find reasonable flights via airlines like Frontier, and there are plenty of Airbnbs and hotels near The Paper Seahorse.

    As I mentioned, there are three individual beginner workshops taking place at The Paper Seahorse. Each workshop is the same; I just like to have a few time slot options so you can choose the one that works best for you.

    • Saturday, December 16th (Morning; 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM) | Enrollment closes 12/2 | Sign up here
    • Sunday, December 17th, 9:30 AM -12:30 PM | Enrollment closes 12/2 | Sign up here
    • Sunday, December 17th (Afternoon; 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM) | Enrollment closes 12/2 | Sign up here
    Announcing the Last TPK Calligraphy Workshops of 2017 - Tampa, FL | The Postman's Knock
    I provide no-spill inks in carry-on friendly sizes for those who fly in to take my workshops.

    All supplies are included (you can find a list of supplies in the workshop description pages), and airplane travel-friendly supplies will be provided for those who are flying in. Please make sure you can attend, as tickets are non-refundable 72 hours after you make your purchase.

    Future Workshops

    Next year, I’d like to focus on improving existing video courses and making new video courses, so I will be teaching fewer workshops. My goal is to teach at least one workshop next summer here in Boulder. That’s the plan that I tentatively have, and I’ll keep you updated here on the blog if I schedule anything!

    TPK Modern Calligraphy Workshops | The Postman's Knock
    While I love teaching workshops, I won’t be doing as many next year due to lack of time. They take a lot of organization and planning!

    In short, these Tampa workshops will be the last for at least a few months, and I hope that you enjoy participating as an early holiday gift to yourself. I am so, so looking forward to teaching them, so I hope that you can come! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Don’t forget to check out the workshop descriptions for more information, and have a wonderful weekend!


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