• Calligraphy Crush Issue 10: A Goldmine for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

    Calligraphy Crush Magazine: Issue 10 hones in on what it really means to own a calligraphy business. From deadlines to contracts to accounting, it might not be what you were expecting! Today, I’ll review this issue (spoiler alert: I liked it) and tell you a little bit about this gem of a publication.

    Calligraphy Crush Issue 10

    Maureen Vickery, the editor of Calligraphy Crush Magazine, has been on my radar for a long time. She’s a bit of a chameleon in the calligraphy world: sometimes, she’s creating playful and modern scripts that make you smile. (I mean, look at the pig below! Pure joy.) Other days, her work is elegant, serious, and traditional.

    Assorted Goodies from Maureen Vickery
    If you like the little pig here, check out Maureen’s Flourished Calligraphy Reindeer Tutorial. It’s a very similar concept!

    When Maureen started publishing Calligraphy Crush Magazine, I was delighted to see her personal taste shine through in her article selections. Every quarter, Calligraphy Crush never fails to please with a celebration of all things calligraphy! Modern and traditional, pointed pen and brush pen, paper and mirrors — it’s all embraced. Today, I’ll share my impressions of the latest issue to help you decide whether Calligraphy Crush Magazine: Issue 10 is for you.

    Wedding Calligraphy Business Owners

    Claire White's Cocktail Calligraphy
    Photo courtesy of Claire White

    The latest Calligraphy Crush hones in on building a business out of your calligraphy skills. Weddings are a huge part of most calligraphy businesses, so the focus inevitably falls on wedding-related calligraphy. Issue 10 kicks off by interviewing Claire White, who is a versatile Nashville-based calligrapher. In the interview, Claire shares tips for adding calligraphy to almost anything (including cocktails), and she outlines her journey from attorney to calligrapher. After Claire’s interview, we meet several other wedding-focused calligraphers like Ciarra Claire and Karla Lim.

    Starting a Calligraphy Business

    Calligraphy Crush Magazine

    One of my favorite articles in the latest Calligraphy Crush is an article written by Maureen Vickery and Erica McPhee. It’s called “So You Want to Start a Wedding Calligraphy Business?”, and it offers a realistic overview of what having a calligraphy business entails. Along with tips on how to showcase your work, Maureen and Erica provide a list of all the wedding materials you might plan on offering (save the dates, escort cards, menus, etc.).

    "The Calligrapher's Business Handbook" Book Review | The Postman's Knock
    If you’re interested in the lesser-known aspects of owning a calligraphy business, Calligraphy Crush offers a lot of food for thought. For further reading, I recommend The Calligrapher’s Business Handbook.

    This issue in general makes an excellent point about calligraphy businesses: it’s not all calligraphy. You could be the best calligrapher in the world, but without excellent photography and communication skills, it will be difficult to sell your creations. You also need to do accounting, usually with software such as Quickbooks (which is what we use at TPK). Contracts are another consideration, which Kathy Milici talks about in this issue.

    Other Fun Stuff

    I’ve been playing a lot with Copperplate calligraphy, so I was delighted to see an Engrosser’s Script exemplar from Bill Kemp in this issue! Along with the exemplar, Bill explains the difference between Engrosser’s Script and Copperplate. He also provides examples of common strokes and tips for making clean stroke transitions.

    Photo courtesy of Bill Kemp

    This issue also features the literally sweet work of Andrea Reino, who applies her calligraphy skills to confections. It was really cool to see how Andrea is making cookies — one of the most perfect treats in existence — even more perfect!

    Photos courtesy of Andrea Reino

    Takeaways and Impressions

    I felt very inspired by this issue of Calligraphy Crush. In particular, Claire White’s gold leaf place cards made me want to try something similar on an envelope! I haven’t had the time to take wedding commissions since 2015, but I loved all of the beautiful photos of invitations and wedding materials in general. They make you want to pick up a pen and make something, even if it’s not necessarily a wedding invitation suite!

    Photo courtesy of Claire White

    This issue does a good job of painting a realistic picture of what having a calligraphy business is actually like. And, when it’s laid out all at once, boy — is it intimidating! When I started TPK in 2012, “ignorance is bliss” very much applied. I didn’t think about what I was doing; I just did it. Eventually, all the other stuff (accounting, customer service) snowballed in. If I would have known exactly what I was in for, I might have been too overwhelmed to start! So, in a sense, I’m glad that I had no idea. At the same time, it’s good to have all of the data before you jump in to something. This issue does an excellent job of presenting the pros and cons and leaving it up to you to decide whether to extend your calligraphy hobby into a business.

    Reading Calligraphy Crush Magazine

    I have a soft spot for Calligraphy Crush because I see it as a sister to the TPK Blog. Both Calligraphy Crush and this blog endeavor to inspire you with tutorials, facilitate creative use of your calligraphy skills, and introduce you to new lettering concepts and ideas. Note that Calligraphy Crush is a digital publication that will look best on your computer or your tablet. 

    On the Cover of Calligraphy Crush Magazine!
    I was the cover artist for Issue 8 of Calligraphy Crush!

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    I hope this little review gives you an idea of what to expect from the latest issue of Calligraphy Crush. Even if you’re not interested in selling your calligraphy wares, it’s worth a read just for the technical tips and eye candy. Set aside a couple of hours and your favorite beverage and enjoy all of the information that Calligraphy Crush has to offer!


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