• On the Cover of Calligraphy Crush Magazine!

    TPK is on the cover of Calligraphy Crush Magazine: Issue 8! In the latest issue of Calligraphy Crush, you can read an interview with yours truly and find my mail art tips. My interview is a very small slice of an impressive whole: the magazine is bursting with creativity and inspiration from some of the…

    On the Cover of Calligraphy Crush Magazine!

    You might remember a certain coffee calligraphy tutorial from a couple of months ago. The envelope I made in that tutorial had a specific purpose: to grace the cover of Calligraphy Crush Magazine. Today, I’m pleased to announce that Issue 8 of Calligraphy Crush is available, and it’s chock-full of inspiration from so many creatives whom I admire and look up to! TPK subscribers will enjoy a 15% discount on Issue 8 through November 10th. You can click here to take advantage of the discount, or keep reading to learn more about the magazine and this issue in particular!

    About Calligraphy Crush Magazine

    Calligraphy Crush is a digital magazine that publishes four issues annually. Each issue features tutorials, interviews, product reviews, inspiration, and tons of lettering eye candy! You can choose how to peruse the magazine: either on your iPad or on your computer. The digital format is key because the magazine includes plenty of stunning photos and — importantly — tutorial videos.

    Issue 8 Contents
    This is the Table of Contents from Issue 8. You can order this magazine with a 15% off discount by clicking here.

    Calligraphy Crush is a true labor of love that’s carefully compiled by calligrapher Maureen Vickery of Pendance Studio. I can personally attest to how much care and energy is put into each issue! For my interview alone, Maureen asked me to fill out a detailed written interview. Then, she took the time to interview me over the phone, too. We collaborated closely on the photography and content, working together until it was just right! Her dedication to detail and the energy she puts into Calligraphy Crush is just astounding, and the payoff is a professional and inspiring compilation of artistic delights.

    What to Expect in Issue 8

    Issue 8 of Calligraphy Crush includes 132 pages of fantastic content. You’ll start off by reading the interview with me, which covers a lot of information about TPK that I hope you’ll find interesting. Maureen asked me a lot of questions that I’ve never really touched on before, like where I find tutorial inspiration and how I balance family time and TPK.

    Lindsey Bugbee in Calligraphy Crush Magazine

    After my interview, you’ll find several mail art tips and tons of mail art photos! After all, anyone who is familiar with the TPK site knows that I can’t resist creating over-the-top envelopes. But — my content is a very small part of a fabulous whole. The magazine also includes:

    Photos and Inspiration from the Graceful Envelope Contest

    The annual Graceful Envelope Contest was created in 1995. Every year (with the exception of this year due to the pandemic), participants send in beautiful envelopes to the contest to try their luck at winning!

    Decorated Envelope

    A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Fox & Quills Inks

    Fox & Quills is a company that’s dedicated to creating calligraphy ink the old-fashioned way. I loved this article because it talked about iron gall ink and how we shouldn’t be scared of it “eating [our] nibs for breakfast”!

    Fox & Quills Inks
    As a fun fact, I am personally familiar with Serge (“Mr. Fox”) because I taught a workshop at his former store, Twig & Fig, in Berkeley in 2016.

    Visual “Recipes” for Creating Phyllis Macaluso’s Floral Cakes

    I’m a big Phyllis Macaluso fan, and TPK readers love her contributions to this blog! I was thrilled to see Phyllis’s work in this issue of Calligraphy Crush in the form of a fairytale floral cake illustration tutorial. Phyllis gives us the visual ingredients (flourish components, general shapes), then it’s up to us to make the cake of our dreams.

    Phyllis Macaluso's Fabulous Cakes

    … And Much More!

    From Sharisse DeLeon‘s instructions (with videos!) on how to write Copperplate calligraphy with brush pens to Paul Antonio‘s tips for making graceful ligatures, this issue of Calligraphy Crush is packed with goodies. I suspect you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did!

    How to Access Calligraphy Crush Magazine

    As I mentioned, Calligraphy Crush is a digital magazine. To access it, you can click on this link. Then, click the green button beside the “This Issue” text. Checkout is a breeze from there! You’ll just provide your email address, then pay for the issue through Paypal. Through November 10, the cost of the magazine is $12.74 for TPK readers.

    Paul Antonio contributed a meticulous article about how to make delicate, natural-looking ligatures.

    Once you complete your purchase, you can download the magazine and enjoy it indefinitely on your computer or tablet!


    Have Fun!

    I think you’ll love the latest issue of Calligraphy Crush! One of the things I really appreciated about this issue is its usefulness for all skill levels and its appeal for a variety of interests. Modern calligraphy and traditional calligraphy peacefully coexist with encouragement to try out brush pens, white markers, and plenty of artistic envelope designs. That’s totally in line with the TPK philosophy of balancing calligraphy and lettering with all sorts of other artistic techniques and tools.

    If you pick up a copy of the magazine, I’d love to hear what you think! If you have time, consider dropping Maureen a quick note ([email protected]) or DM (@pendancestudio) to thank her for the time and love she pours into Calligraphy Crush. I already can’t wait to read issue 9!

    Thanks very much for reading, and enjoy the discount!



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