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  1. Janet

    Essential for darkrr colored paper if you don’t want to erase the color when doing your designs! I really love this eraser!! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Bailey Crerar

    Love this little eraser! It is perfect for not marking up black paper.

  3. samchen493

    This eraser really is wonderful – no streaks and it is so nice to use! Love it!

  4. LaTanya C

    This eraser is a GAME CHANGER! It will literally take your calligraphy & artwork to another level!!!!! It erases EVERYTHING from your pencil markings without leaving a trace, especially on white paper!!!! I’m so glad Lindsey mentioned this in her Calligraphy tools recommendations.

  5. martine-1542

    works perfectly on dark paper. i always had a faint stain left from the white eraser (may be erasing too hard) but not with the black one.

  6. Mona Earnest

    perfect little eraser for black cardstock! I didn’t realize this was a “thing” – it’s a must have for calligraphy on dark paper!

  7. marietta

    I have to admit, as I graphite portrait artist, I have used a lot of graphite erasers, so, I was a bit skeptical. These black erasers work great! I am a fan!

  8. Shannon zeman

    Love this erasure, specifically on dark paper!!!

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