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  1. Zontziry Johnson

    This makes it so easy to use my watercolors as inks!

  2. Winnie Quick

    This is the coolest unconventional (in my eyes) calligraphy tool I’ve ever owned. Thank you for making it so affordable, Lindsey!

  3. Eleni

    Funny how something so simple is so helpful! I was using a teeny spoon to add water to my pans and that was so messy. This is so handy!

  4. Karen Parkin-Demmons

    I found the syringe instrumental in diluting the paint to the correct consistency. Thank you for introducing me to wonderful tools.

  5. Szaffi Forillo

    It’s so much easier to delude my ink using the syringe. I fill it up with distilled water and leave it on my calligraphy table. When I need a few drops of water here and there, I have it ready to use. Recommend it.

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