These oblique pens are specifically fitted by me for a Nikko G nib. While some left-handed people might enjoy using this pen, it is intended for right-handed writers! No two pens are alike: the pink + white swirls are random and lovely. Note that this pen does not include the nib, which needs to be purchased separately.

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Weight 1 oz

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  1. marietta

    Really love the delicate features of this pen. The swirls of pink are so lovely as you write, it adds a another level of pleasure to the appliction of the art of calligraphy. And to have it special fitted to a nib you love, well-Who does that? Just get one!

  2. Erika

    Very pretty and a wonderful present to myself. At first I wasn’t going to splurge but I’m glad I did. It is different to write with a true calligraphy holder than a cheap speedball one.

  3. Meagan Eishen

    I love this pen! It’s gorgeous in my flat lays & it’s a little bit thicker than a lot of my other pens, so it fits really well into my hand. The Nikko G is one of my favorites & staples, so I’m a big fan.

  4. Britiney

    I love love love this pen!!! It’s so beautiful and works like a dream.

  5. Kathy

    This pen is wonderful to hold and writes beautifully. And, it’s pretty! Certainly worth more than its price.

  6. Chelsea R.

    Absolutely love this pen! It’s even prettier in person and very easy to handle. One of my favorite TPK pens so far.

  7. Iris

    Hi, Lindsey,
    I’ve owned this beautiful pen for a little over a month now, and I LOVE it! It’s fun to write with because, well, look at it! It is so pretty, but, more importantly, it also adds to the entire experience of writing calligraphy with a dip pen. I find it easy to recognize immediately when I’m grasping my pen a little too tightly because of its slight and perfect weight. It also keeps me in awe of your skills every time I use it, to know that the flange was created personally by you to fit the Nikko G nib perfectly. Thank you for always putting such care and quality into all you do…you’ve got a lifelong fan in me!

  8. lene.fdz

    I finally have my hands on this! I’ve been wanting for quite a while and it was worth the wait! it’s so pretty and actually very comfortable to use!

  9. anoble2000

    This pen is awesome! I hadn’t done any lettering in awhile, but was able to pick this up and make several cards of encouragement that will be going to breast cancer patients. Thank you for the well curated portfolio of products!

  10. devonmuko

    This pen is so wonderful in multiple ways! Not only is it gorgeous, but I love using the smaller oblique size for so many projects! I truly feel I have been able to fine tune a lot of my calligraphy skills by using the EF66 nib in combination with this pen

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