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  1. Shannon zeman


  2. Linda Holloway

    This one is good for people that like fine lines and don’t have a heavy hand, making nice, heavy down strokes more challenging.

  3. Quinn Myers

    This is such a great nib! It has a ton of stroke contrast, which is super neat. I can see why it’s Lindsey’s favorite!

  4. hannah.noel59

    I started out with the Nikko G, but this nib quickly became my favorite!! I love the sensitivity and ease of getting dramatic strokes. Compared to the Nikko G, my calligraphy looks so nuch more professional and pretty! I haven’t had any issues with using this nib on rougher handmade papers, so it’s definitely my favorite!

  5. Angela

    I must admit that I disliked the Brause EF66 nib when I first tried it. I’m heavy handed so it was a struggle to adapt but, in the long run, mastering it made me a better calligrapher. It’s still not my favorite nib, but I’m thankful for everything it taught me!

  6. jessiez

    Love this nib for producing calligraphy with dramatic stroke variance. It allows me to make fine hairline upstrokes and bold downstrokes without having to apply tons of pressure. It is significantly more delicate than the Nikko G and wears out on me much faster, but I don’t mind at all. It’s worth replacing more frequently for the results it produces!

  7. Linda Rose C.

    I love the Brause EF66!
    I bought a few and they arrived in a timely manner and with beautiful packaging!! Thank you so much, Lindsey and your helpers at TPK!

  8. Linda Holloway

    I appreciate this nib as someone who has a light touch and struggled with the Nikko G nib. It produces delicate, fine lines and also plenty of strong lines for contrast. I was impressed that it arrived so quickly and with a lovely note from wonderful Lindsey. Thank you!

  9. sunburer

    despite the warnings that this nib is not necessarily the easiest for beginners, I bought one anyway and lined up my other nibs (Nikko G, Brause Rose. I was really impressed with ease of using the EF66. Such a light touch! Of course it helped to follow the whole blog on nibs. I’m now more aware of how to add water to my Fine Tec and trying other liquid inks–thick and thin. I also tried Dr Ph Martin. Dr Ph Martin and the EF66 was really, really nice ~:0) Thank you Lindsey!

  10. petlgeen

    Received my Brause EF 66 nibs today together with Lindsey’s “New” Oblique Pen. What a great combination. I’m pretty new to calligraphy but even I can see a huge difference between the Brause and the Nikko G (which is still great). Nice contrast between thick and thin lines and even my heavy handed, male hands can ease up on the pressure to make it work. Thanks Lindsey!

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