This listing is for 1 fl. oz. of Ziller Soot Black ink. You should be able to use it straight out of the bottle; no need to transfer to a separate container! If the ink gets too thick, dilute it with distilled water.

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Weight 4 oz

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  1. grace_extended

    Fabulous ink! So glad I went ahead and tried it. Works beautiful with watercolor.

  2. Madalyn Shatzer

    This ink works so well in combination with watercolors! It’s nicely opaque and easy to create thick or thin lines with.

  3. Giselle Rosier

    I used this ink when I first started learning calligraphy and now I’m spoiled! I don’t like other inks. The color is so rich, it never bleeds when I use watercolors afterwards, it is such a pleasure to work with! Truly the perfect black ink!

  4. Susan

    I am a beginner and I started with Sumi ink, but tonight I decided to try this ink that I purchased from Lindsey. Oh my, so smooth! Even though my technique leaves a lot to be desired, I did not have as much trouble with the nib snagging, or the ink skipping. The Sumi is nice, but I love this Ziller best.

  5. Karen Wyatt

    Ziller Soot Black is an invaluable ink for me drawing and writing over and after watercolor or watercolor pencils. No graying or bleeding . Plus Lindsey’s products arrive so quickly from Colorado to Wyoming, I much prefer, if possible, to shop with her. Thank you for your service.

  6. Angela

    This ink is so easy to work with!

  7. LaTanya C

    Awesome ink! It glides smoothly on paper and over paint, too. I absolutely LOOOOVE this ink!!!! It takes my calligraphy projects to a whole new level. Plus, I never have any issues getting this ink “started” with any nib or on difficult textured style paper. I’ll definitely be buying more of this soon!!!!

  8. Emily Hoeft

    This ink is great! I love using it for addressing envelopes and projects involving watercolor!

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