The colors in the Finetec Golds palette are as follows:

  • Tibet Gold
  • Inca Gold
  • Arabic Gold
  • Gold Pearl
  • Moon Gold
  • Sterling Silver

Additional information

Weight 4 oz

8 reviews

  1. Jocelyn H.

    These golds (and silver) are extremely versatile. I was gifted them for Christmas 2020. From flourishes to splatter, I use them on everything.

  2. Karen Wyatt

    The Finetec Gold Palette is one of a kind; it’s colors and shine unique. No gold or silver pen or premixed ink can equal this quality product. I like the fact the color is dry and only a tiny amount can be moistened. Thank you, Lindsey for offering these fine watercolors.

  3. suzymorriscreates

    This is the GO TO GOLD palette … the golds are so shiny and just BEAUTIFUL when they dry. I also appreciate a variety of color from silver to deep gold. They do take a bit more work than a pre mixed ink, but they are definitely worth the extra work as the the final result is just spectacular. I highly recommend this palette for special projects. Thank you, Lindsey!

  4. Priya K

    I love this palette so much! I bought these towards the end of last year to make my Christmas cards (following TPK’s guide on how to make the gold Christmas trees on black cardstock), and am so happy I did. I can’t wait to start more projects using these colors!

  5. Cheryl Hight

    I purchased a Finetec Gold Palette because I read one of your many projects where you used the golds and they are every bit as amazing in person! I’m so glad I read your blogs! Thanks.

  6. Karishma

    These watercolors are absolutely perfect for calligraphy. They flow well from the nib and it’s super opaque.

    Although on the more expensive side, they are totally worth the money and will last you a long time. My personal favourite is the moon gold!

  7. mina.blm

    I have been using these to make my Christmas cards sparkle and I couldn’t be happier! I use them as normal watercolors since my calligraphy game needs some work but honestly these are SO GOOD. It doesn’t take much of the ink to add color to the page, so I can tell I will be using these for a while!

  8. Cortney

    These colours are amazing. I’m a newbie and have only used black. I thought painting on the nib would be a pain, but it’s not. The sparkle is brilliant and the ink sits up on the page giving it an embossed look. Using these colours makes calligraphy even more fun.

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