This listing is for 1 oz. of Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bombay Ink in “Grass Green”.

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Weight 3 oz

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  1. alcidia23

    Correction: I read about this ink on Lindsey’s blog A GUIDE TO CALLIGRAPHY INKS! Well anyway I have found that every one of Lindsey’s blogs that I have come across is an excellent resource.

  2. alcidia23

    I received this ink today and immediately tried it out. I wanted to get this ink ever since I read about it on Lindsey’s blog “EVERY CALLIGRAPHY INK QUESTION YOU EVER HAD….ANSWERED”. Now having tried it I absolutely love the gradation of this ink. Very pleased with my choice! Thank you Lindsey

  3. Anna M.

    I purchase this Bombay Green Grass ink and I absolutely love it. And it is true that the shades of this color change as you write; some strokes will dry very dark, while others will be light. I am thinking of purchasing the orange, purple and the blue as well.

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