Here’s a detailed index of what’s included in this printable PDF set:

  • Introduction
  • Letter Writing Prompts
  • Questions to Ask
  • Letter Layout Planner (Worksheet)
  • Creative Envelope Enclosures
  • Envelope Presentation Ideas
  • Address List (Worksheet)
  • Birthday Calendar (Worksheet)
  • Letter Tracker (Worksheet)
  • 4 Pages of Envelope Liner Patterns
  • 1 Page of Illustrations for Decoupage
  • 5.5″ x 5.5″ (13.97 x 13.97 cm) Envelope Template
  • A7 (5.25″ x 7.25″, 13.34 x 18.42 cm) Envelope Template
  • A1 (3.625″ x 5.125″, 9.2 x 13 cm) Envelope Template
  • 6″ x 6″ (15.24 x 15.24 cm) Envelope Template
  • 6.5″ x 3.625 (16.5 x 9.2 cm) Envelope Template

If you have any questions about The Letter Writer’s Complete Resource, feel free to visit this detailed description or get in touch with me!

14 reviews

  1. katy.koenen

    This has been a delightful resource that has transformed my letter-writing. I have always been one to send cards and letters, preferring them to electronic communication, however, The Letter Writer’s Complete Resource has been a wonderful boon in terms of both the attractiveness of my correspondence and the quality and engaging nature of my content. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  2. LNorman

    Getting actual letters in the mail has become so uncommon these days that it’s special in itself, but using these resources you can make someone’s mail extra special. What better way to show you’re thinking of someone you care about than a handwritten letter in a beautiful envelope that you clearly spent time preparing just for them?

  3. katy.koenen

    I have always loved writing letters–more than phone calls, and definitely more than email and texting. The Letter Writer’s Complete Resource has upped my letter writing game. Thanks to the tools in this resource, not only are my letters and envelopes becoming more attractive, I’ve been inspired to write more engaging correspondence, both in terms of how I present what I have to say, as well as how I ask questions and ellicit information from my readers.

  4. L. Simpson

    Very strait forward and easy to use. I’ve been getting tons of compliments on my envelopes since I started using the ideas in this package!

  5. sarahkile71

    I got this for my mother as a Christmas gift. It’s wonderful. She loved it. Great inspiration!!

  6. Rosalinda

    I am going back to practicing my Calligraphy because I want to become more than a beginner and I know that it requires a lot of practice. Calligraphy is a Beautiful art form and writing that should Never be Lost.

  7. acwitherow

    Super cute and way helpful! I looked through everything and can’t wait to put it to use. I think the birthday cheat sheet and the favorite addresses will be really helpful. One thing I would like to see is maybe a black & white version of the address list and the letter layout planner for those of us who might like to save a little $$ on ink! haha.

  8. onedixiechickfan

    I recently ordered this set and can’t say enough good things about it! As someone who takes pride in being organized, this set delivers! Its been really nice to get family and friends birthdays, anniversaries and addresses organized into one spot while being able to quickly check the ‘comings and goings’ of correspondence. It was easy to set up in my PDF reader, and super easy to keep updated. I also have the info printed out & hanging on a cork board above my desk for even quicker glancing. The prompts, enclosure suggestions and outside presentation ideas, etc. are fantastic! Highly recommended!

  9. Jaclyn C.

    I just adore your ‘The Letter Writer’s Complete Resource.’ It has helped me get organized and write out every ones birthdays (I even wrote out friends and families wedding anniversaries). And the list of questions to ask and writing prompts are super helpful to get my flow going on writing letters to my friends and family. Since purchasing it, I have written all of my January letters and working on my February list. 🙂 Thank you Lindsey for putting this together!

  10. Christine

    I just have to say that, i came across your blog and shop through pinterest. I was looking for inspiration for calligraphy and hand written letters. I am exploring both at the moment. I feel the same when it comes to hand written letters and beautiful calligraphy, the world needs more of it! I didn’t have the faintest clue of where to begin… Thanks to you i now have a starting ground to learn and practice calligraphy and get a little more organized with my letter lay outs to friends and family. I have purchased both your Janet style calligraphy and the Beth style and today I went ahead and purchased this, “The Letter Writers Complete Resource” i am really excited to get writing. Thanks again!

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