Don’t let the shiny finish fool you — these pens have a wooden core!

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Weight 1 oz

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  1. olufunsoa

    Just got this and I cannot wait to use it!

  2. Jessica H.

    I received this pen as a gift along with some of TPK’s calligraphy worksheets. As a lefty, it’s now my go-to pen , especially as I am not a fan of pens with a thick grip. My only struggle with it is that if I don’t switch out my nib often, the tight grip which holds the nib securely also makes it difficult to get the nibs back out at times.

  3. Vivienne

    Great pen! Easy to use!

  4. Julie Carroll

    This was my beginning pen and I still love it. It allowed me try different nibs and be successful when I was struggling with my oblique pen. This pen helped me start and continues to help me learn and refine my calligraphy.

  5. Michelle Carlson

    Great pen, fast shipping, great price! Thank you!! 🙂

  6. Esty Renee

    I just received this pen for Christmas. I am a beginner at calligraphy and the pen is easy to hold and learn with. I also love the color!

  7. Quinn Myers

    This is a great pen. It’s really nice that it holds almost every nib. I also like the color.

  8. Amanda

    This was the first calligraphy pen that I used, and I love it! Holds the nib securely and writes well. Lovely smooth handle too.

  9. Joy

    Beautiful and nice to use. Nice to have a pen that lets me try out new nibs easily.

  10. Heather

    Fabulous pen. Nice thickness and weight. Great for this beginner!

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