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Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 5.75 × 0.5 × 0.5 in

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  1. Hanna

    This is a great nib holder! I love how it has a cap and a grip for where to hold the pen.

  2. attack_puppy

    This is a very nice straight pen. The rubber grip is wonderful, and the substantial size of the pen takes a lot of the pain out of using a crow quill nib. If you use crow quill nibs a lot, treat yourself to this pen rather than suffering with one of those cheap, tiny plastic nib holders. Be advised, this pen will not hold a Hunt 102 crow quill nib snugly, so you’ll have to use something like the Tachikawa T-99 nib. The pen also will not fit any of the other Hunt/Speedball nibs that I own (with the exception of the Speedball A-5 nib for monoline script), so it is not a universal pen. However, it is still an excellent addition to any pen arsenal, especially for use with those tiny crow quill nibs.

  3. Mona Earnest

    Most comfortable! Wonderful pen holder for the Nikko G!

  4. Anju Mariam Thomas

    I love this nib holder. Also, I like the fact that it has a cap to protect your nib – I mean, how cool is that! It does fit a wide variety of nibs just as the description says but, it would’ve been a whole lot better if it could fit all kinds of nibs, right? And if you are a person who is looking for that kind of a nib holder, I would suggest buying one with a universal insert (Just trying to help so that no one else would make the same mistake of buying the wrong kind of holder like I had once done in the past!).
    Considering the visual appearance of the pen, I like its nice sleek body with its pretty blue grip. The logo design on the pen is a little different than in the picture, which I think might be because the pen I got may be newly stocked – which I think is a good thing. It feels nice and comfortable in my hand and does its job the way it’s supposed to. Overall, a very good nib holder…

  5. Kit

    Even though I am starting to fall in love with the oblique pens, this is the first dip pen I purchased and it is very comfortable to use, especially for calligraphy that is not overly slanted. I like the rubber grip a lot, and I have been able to write a lot without my hand getting tired. The cap is really helpful too. Love this pen and recently gifted one to my friend :-).

  6. Irene Foster

    Love this pen! ❤️❤️

  7. Mei

    This pen is fabulous; fits nicely in my hand, and fits varying sizes of nibs.

  8. Shannon zeman

    This pen is great with various nibs, I love that!! Love the cap as well.

  9. Amy Fredette

    so far so good. I love the cap for this as well!

  10. Jenny Zhou

    Love the weight and feel of this pen. Thank you for the quick delivery!

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