• A Creative Calligraphy Challenge

    Today’s article includes a unique kind of calligraphy drill that will bring out your artistic side. The instructions are simple: print off the free worksheet, then pay special attention to the adjectives to make creative calligraphy!

    A Creative Calligraphy Challenge | The Postman's Knock
    Don’t be afraid to experiment with your letters, even if they don’t turn out as intended! My “sloppy” “A” ended up looking like an “h” … c’est la vie.

    One of the secrets to success in any endeavor is to keep things interesting! Calligraphy is no exception, which is why I put together a Creative Calligraphy Challenge worksheet. The worksheet is intended to challenge you, stimulate your creativity, and encourage you to keep going with your calligraphy practice.

    How to Use the Creative Calligraphy Challenge Worksheet

    First, download the worksheet here. Print it out on 32# laserjet paper (or any other pointed pen-friendly paper), and gather your favorite pen/nib combination, ink, cleaning water, and a non-fibrous cleaning cloth.

    A Creative Calligraphy Challenge | The Postman's Knock
    The Creative Calligraphy Challenge worksheet is free.

    Next, pick any letter of the alphabet. Write a version of that letter that fits each adjective on the worksheet. Remember that every letter should look different, even if some of the adjectives are similar.

    A Creative Calligraphy Challenge | The Postman's Knock

    Once you’ve completely filled out the worksheet with one letter, print out another copy and move on to experimenting with another letter. You can continue until you’ve made a worksheet for all letters of the alphabet (or you can just work on a handful of letters and call it good).

    How This Worksheet Will Help You

    Learning calligraphy can be stressful if you judge your creations harshly. This worksheet helps you to loosen up and realize that, at the end of the day, “calligraphy” just means artistic writing!

    A Creative Calligraphy Challenge | The Postman's Knock
    Try to make every one of your creative calligraphy letters unique from the others.

    I also like this worksheet because it encourages you to think outside of the box of calligraphy styles that already exist. You may create a letter that you really like, and you can make a whole alphabet that echoes the style of that letter.

    A Creative Calligraphy Challenge | The Postman's Knock
    The “spooky” “A” may be my favorite.

    The last way this worksheet helps you, of course, is by encouraging you to pick up that pen to write! Anything that gets you writing can’t be bad … after all, every time you write, your skill level improves that much more.

    How to Develop Your Own Calligraphy Styles

    The Creative Calligraphy Challenge worksheet helps you to create letters with a certain “vibe” — letters you might not develop otherwise. It mimics how I came up with my own calligraphy styles, most of which were requested by brides who had a certain look in mind (i.e. Kaitlin Style, Janet Style).

    Wedding Envelope Calligraphy
    Elegant “Janet Style” calligraphy was developed because I had a client who wanted a mostly traditional calligraphy style with just a hint a modern flourish. To take a look at all of TPK’s calligraphy styles, see this article.

    Coming up with your own calligraphy styles requires, first and foremost, an understanding of calligraphy basics. After that, you need creativity and a willingness to experiment. That’s something we focus on in TPK’s Intermediate Modern Calligraphy Online Course, where students are given assignments from faux clients.

    These calligraphy exemplars, designed for a “client” who wants a slightly bohemian feel for her wedding calligraphy, were created by students Lisa M. (left) and Nicola S (right).

    The vast majority of calligraphers create calligraphy as a relaxing, personal activity. However, many of us end up creating calligraphy for others — either loved ones or clients — at some time or another. (After all, you can’t keep your calligraphy skills a secret forever.) You have to have the flexibility to step outside of your comfort zone to achieve an effect that you might not have explored otherwise.

    Intermediate Modern Calligraphy Course student Laura M. designed this menu for a “client” who plans to open a Peruvian café.

    To that end, if you happen to create a letter that you particularly like as a result of using today’s worksheet, see where that style takes you! Come up with an alphabet exemplar (find instructions for making one here), then try making a couple of projects with your new calligraphy style. Then, if you want to dig deeper with your style development, explore adding flourishes, and add to your knowledge of supplies, consider enrolling in TPK’s Intermediate Modern Calligraphy Online Course. It’s 15% off through Monday, October 2nd (regular enrollment cost $40).

    Enjoy today’s worksheet, and if you’re on social media, I’d love to see what you use it to come up with. You can find the TPK Facebook page here, or tag @thepostmansknock (or hashtag #thepostmansknock) on Instagram! Thanks so much for reading, and happy writing!


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