• FREE Calligraphy Drill Worksheet: Marinera Dancer 🇵🇪

    TPK’s latest free calligraphy drill worksheet will work your flourishing muscle! In it, you’ll learn how to use confident, pretty strokes to create a marinera dancer … just in time for Peruvian Independence Day.

    FREE Calligraphy Drill Worksheet: Marinera Dancer 🇵🇪

    My husband, Hernán, grew up in Lima, Peru. As a result, Peruvian culture and cuisine plays a big role in our lives! Just last weekend, we went to a Peruvian festival in Denver, where performers showcased the traditional marinera dance as chefs grilled cuy (guinea pig) and stewed pots of rice pudding. As I watched the marinera, it occurred to me that I can’t dance to save my life … but I can draw. And thus, this marinera dancer calligraphy drill worksheet was born. I created the calligraphy artwork featured in the worksheet to celebrate Peruvian Independence Day, which is July 28th!


    Getting the Most Out of the Marinera Dancer Calligraphy Drill Worksheet

    To benefit from practicing with this worksheet, I recommend printing out all three pages of the worksheet on 32# HP Premium Laserjet Paper. Then, keep page two of the worksheet at hand as you trace over the images on page three.

    FREE Calligraphy Drill Worksheet: Marinera Dancer 🇵🇪

    Once you feel confident in your ability to create all of the dancer’s flourishes, try flourishing the dancer yourself. In the video below, I’ll walk you through how to do that:

    Tips and Tricks

    First and foremost, don’t push yourself to create a flourished marinera dancer that is identical to mine. It’s difficult to draw two dancers that look exactly the same! Instead, focus on making tight flourishes with nice stroke contrast, which will make the artwork appealing.

    FREE Calligraphy Drill Worksheet: Marinera Dancer 🇵🇪

    If you can, use a thin ink (like iron gall) to create the dancer. Thin inks tend to make for easier flourishing because they stay on the nib for longer and facilitate greater stroke contrast. Note that if you’re not comfortable using a dip pen, you can use a small-tipped brush pen such as a Tombow Fudenosuke.

    FREE Calligraphy Drill Worksheet: Marinera Dancer 🇵🇪

    As far as how to use the dancer, either just put her in your sketchbook or use the motif to make fabulous cards! You don’t have to have any ties to Peru to appreciate the intricate beauty of this artwork. And remember: every time you pick up your pen, you’re improving your calligraphy skills. This calligraphy drill provides beautiful and challenging practice!


    More Peruvian Independence Day Practice

    If you like the Marinera Dancer Calligraphy Drill Worksheet, consider taking on the (free) Peruvian Calligraphy Drills Worksheet. I designed that worksheet last summer to celebrate Peruvian Independence Day 2021! People love making that fantastic flourished llama.

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    I hope that you enjoy today’s special treat. Have fun, and happy Peruvian Independence Day!


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