• Gorgeous Black and Gold Bookmarks: A Short Project

    If you’re looking for a fun, easy, and elegant project, this one’s for you. Watch the whole ~5 minute video tutorial for a chuckle!

    Gorgeous Gold and Black Bookmarks

    The other day, all was quiet in the house. My nine-month-old was napping with her dad while my four-year-old played in the sunroom where I like to create. As I sat down to doodle with the goal of making some pretty black and gold bookmarks, I decided to document the process with my camera. I hope that you’ll find inspiration in what I came up with — and that you get a kick out of the accompanying video! (Be sure to watch past the pretty tutorial part. You’ll get an earful starting at 1:50.)

    The Video Tutorial/Real Life Project Depiction

    So often, when you see tutorial videos, the creator sets the stage so that everything seems relaxing and beautiful. As I created these bookmarks, I kept thinking about what a contrast there is between what the camera captures and my actual environment. So, I went ahead and put together a lovely time lapse video set to classical music for you. Watch it, and you’ll get a feel for how to make these pretty black and gold bookmarks. Then, I added clips of what the creation process was really like. I hope that you enjoy both!

    Gorgeous Black and Gold Bookmarks: The Written Tutorial

    1. Cut Strips of Black Cardstock

    First, cut several strips of black cardstock (affiliate link) to ~ 2″ x 6″. Try to select a cardstock that has a sturdy weight like 80 lb.+ so your bookmarks will last for a while!

    Blank Black Bookmarks
    The dimensions of your bookmarks are really up to you. I like a bookmark that’s fairly short (around 6″ tall) and 1.5″-2″ wide.

    2. Draw a Guideline

    Now, use a white pencil to draw a wavy guideline from the top of the bookmark to the bottom. Then, draw dots about 1″ apart on that line.

    Making a Black and Gold Bookmark

    3. Add Gold

    Once you’ve got your pencil guideline, load gold watercolor onto a Nikko G nib. Then, draw curved gold lines from dot to dot.

    Drawing on a DIY Bookmark
    If you’re not sure how to use gold watercolor with a pointed pen, see this tutorial.

    Once you finish, draw several sets of guidelines emanating from where the gold lines meet (as pictured above). Where you have space, add in guideline dots. Then, repeat the gold drawing process on the guidelines that you just drew.

    Making Gorgeous Gold and Black Bookmarks

    Next, use your white pencil to draw lines to connect the junctures between some of the gold line groups on the right. Then, draw gold lines on those guidelines.

    Making a Black and Gold Bookmark
    You can compare this photo to the one above it to see where I added in the line groups on this step.

    Finish up by drawing line groups in the remaining negative space.

    Gorgeous Gold and Black Bookmarks

    The result will be a stunning pattern that has a playful, mid-century look. The color scheme gives the bookmark an elegance that benefits any book!

    Gorgeous Gold and Black Bookmarks

    To make the bookmarks waterproof and prevent any gold from rubbing off on your books, it’s a good idea to treat them with MicroGlaze. I made three bookmarks: one for myself and two to give as gifts. Make as many bookmarks as you have time for, and repeat the pattern on the back of each bookmark, if you’d like! Remember: this is a nice project that doesn’t require a ton of concentration. You can easily do it with a chattering child or with festivities taking place around you. And, at the end of it all, you’ll have some beautiful black and gold bookmarks to use for years to come!

    Gorgeous Black and Gold Bookmarks

    Thanks so much for reading, and have a fabulous Thanksgiving.


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