• (Free) Hand-Drawn Printable Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

    Embrace a creative DIY approach with these free hand-drawn Valentine’s Day gift tags! Customize them with watercolor, tape candy on the back, or use them as gift tags. They’re my Valentine’s Day gift to you!

    Hand-drawn Valentine's Day gift tags for printing and customizing
    You can download these hand-drawn printable Valentine’s Day gift tags for free here. Try adding a touch of color with your favorite medium (watercolors are my favorite).

    When I was a little girl, your best bet for Valentine’s Day gift tags was go to the local grocery store and buy some. At that time, we weren’t in the age of Pinterest — we didn’t even have internet — so the DIY spirit hadn’t yet been ignited. I remember getting Beauty and the Beast-themed gift tags one year, and Aladdin cards another year (my brother’s choice, not mine; my mom wanted to economize). Once you got the gift tags, you taped candy to them, wrote your classmates’ names on them, and brought them to school. Everyone brought the same tags and the same candy, but no one cared because … candy!

    Hand-drawn Valentine's Day gift tags for printing and customizing

    While there’s nothing wrong with a little Beauty and the Beast on Valentine’s Day, embrace that you have the option to make gift tags that are much more unique! And … you don’t have to sacrifice the convenience that is readymade tags. In today’s article, I’d like to share two pages of hand-drawn printable gift tags with you, which you are welcome to print and use either for yourself or for your kids’ Valentine’s Day exchanges.

    About the Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

    I drew all of the designs in the Valentine’s Day Gift Tags printable using sumi ink and a Nikko G nib in a straight pen. Some of the designs predominantly feature calligraphy and flourishes, while others focus more on illustration.

    Pencil draft of hand-drawn Valentine's Day cards
    Pencil drafts make everything easier!

    After I created the designs, I used the techniques outlined in the Digitizing Artwork and Calligraphy eCourse to make two PDFs. The first PDF features two circular designs. One of them is a laurel branch surrounding a Janet Style calligraphy “Love”, and the other features a banner that says, simply, “XO”.

    (Free) Hand-Drawn Printable Valentine's Day Gift Tags ready to be cut out and customized!
    The large tags pictured here are 2-3/4″ (~7 cm) in diameter, and the small tags are 2″ (~5 cm) in diameter.

    The next printable has two rectangular designs. The top design has a vertical orientation and a modern heart motif. The bottom design is comprised of a highly-flourished Kaitlin Style calligraphy Valentine’s Day greeting.

    Hand Drawn Valentine's Day Gift Tags
    Feel free to print your gift tags on any light-colored paper that appeals to you! I printed these tags on gray card stock. Each tag measures 3-3/8″ x 2-1/8″ (8.6 cm x 5.4 cm).

    Instructions for Using the Gift Tags

    You can download both of the Valentine’s Day gift tags PDFs for free by clicking here. When you go to print, make sure “Fit to Page” is not selected in your printer options. Otherwise, the tags will end up being smaller than intended. Once your desired design has printed, feel free to customize it with color if you have the time!

    Painting hand-drawn printable Valentine's Day gift tags
    I customized these round tags with some watercolor paint. Watercolor provides a quick way to add some color!

    Don’t forget that gold watercolor paint is never out of place on a project like this! After all, Valentine’s Day is nothing if not sparkly and elegant.

    (Free) Hand-Drawn Printable Valentine's Day Gift Tags ready to be cut out and customized!
    I used Arabic gold watercolor to add sparkle to my Valentine’s Day cards.

    Once you have customized your tags, cut them out along the guidelines. If you’d like, you can use washi tape to secure a piece of candy on the back.

    Chocolate candy taped on the back of a handmade Valentine's Day card with washi tape
    This is a great candy configuration for school sweets/card exchanges.

    If you’re using the gift tags for a package, I would punch a hole in the top and run a ribbon through.

    Hand Drawn Valentine's Day Gift Tags - Free Printable | The Postman's Knock
    Three of the designs in these printables don’t include a to/from on the front. For those gift tags, you can write the to/from yourself on the back.

    Other Valentine’s Day Goodies

    No matter how you choose to use these gift tags, I hope that you enjoy them! It was fun to spend my afternoon creating them for you. If you’re already covered in the Valentine’s Day gift tags department, you may enjoy some of the TPK Valentine’s Day goodies and tutorials from past years! My three favorites include:

    Stunning Valentine's Day Twist-Out Heart Card Tutorial
    How could anyone resist this stunning Valentine’s Day twist-out heart card?

    Whether you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, I hope that your February is off to an excellent start. Thanks very, very much for reading TPK, and enjoy the holiday!