• Matchbook Valentine’s Day Card Tutorial by Phyllis Macaluso

    Today, I’m handing over the reins to Phyllis Macaluso — the queen of creative cards — to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit. Phyllis came up with a fantastic matchbook-themed Valentine’s Day card, and she made a tutorial exclusively for TPK readers! If you like it, be sure to pop by her Instagram page (@fpmmac)…

    Matchbox Valentine's Day Card Tutorial by Phyllis Macaluso

    When I discovered Phyllis Macaluso’s Instagram page (@fpmmac), I couldn’t stop gawking. Her imaginative flourishes, metallic accents, and abundant botanical illustrations had me mesmerized! You can imagine, then, how excited I was when she agreed to make a Valentine’s Day tutorial for TPK. Today, she’ll show you how to make a matchbook-style Valentine’s Day card with the help of a couple of printable templates!

    1. Gather Your Valentine’s Day Card Supplies

    Matchbox Valentine by Phyllis Macaluso

    To make this card, you’ll need:

    2. Cut and Fold the Cardstock

    First, cut a piece of cardstock to 6″ x 11″. Then, fold it as per the dimensions on the Matchbook Valentine Cheat Sheet.

    Matchbox Valentine's Day Card by Phyllis Macaluso
    You can use a bone folder to get nice, crisp folds!

    Now, fold the cardstock over as pictured.

    Matchbox Valentine's Day Card Tutorial by Phyllis Macaluso
    Your card should now resemble a matchbook!

    3. Make the Hearts and Pocket

    Use the front pocket template from the Matchbook Valentine Cheat Sheet to cut out a front pocket from a kraft piece of cardstock. Cut out a slightly larger, complete rectangle of kraft cardstock as well (not pictured). Then, cut out three versions of the medium-sized heart on various colors of cardstock.

    Hearts for the Matchbox Valentine
    The template for these hearts is also included on Phyllis’ cheat sheet.

    Now, use the Pointed Pen Vine Motifs from the cheat sheet to embellish your hearts and the kraft rectangles.

    Supplies for Valentine's Day Card
    White ink and metallic watercolors make these cardstock hearts sing!

    Now, glue the solid kraft rectangle and the kraft rectangle with the half circle cut out of it together along the sides and bottom edges. This should result in a pocket! Once the glue has had a chance to dry, put the hearts inside. Then, glue the pocket (with the hearts inside) to the front of the card.

    Making a Matchbox Valentine by Phyllis Macaluso
    Feel free to wrap your pocket in ribbon or twine before you glue it down. This will give your card extra embellishment!

    4. Make the Inner Card

    This project features an inner card that accordions out for that “wow” factor! To make it, cut another piece of kraft cardstock to 5.5″ x 11″. Then, fold it as per the dimensions on the Matchbook Valentine Cheat Sheet.

    Matchbox Valentine by Phyllis Macaluso
    Use your bone folder to make a nice, crisp accordion fold.

    Now, tuck the inner card into the outer card, as shown. Glue it into place and secure it firmly with a staple at the bottom.

    Matchbox Valentine by Phyllis Macaluso

    Now, trace and cut (at least) two medium and four small hearts. Use the heart templates on the cheat sheet to complete this step!

    Matchbox Valentine by Phyllis Macaluso
    Phyllis suggests using mostly pink and red cardstock for this step.

    Decide on the placement of the hearts that you cut out. You should have four small hearts scattered in different places on your card, and one medium and one small heart on the middle fold. Lightly trace each placement using a pencil. Then, use an X-Acto knife to cut along the top half of the medium heart and the top half of the small heart on the middle fold. Pop each heart half away from the panel, as shown on the right below.

    Phyllis used white paper to demonstrate this step so you could better see her pencil draft lines!

    Now, glue hearts over your pencil draft lines. Then, use the inks or watercolors of your choice to flourish or write calligraphy on the glued hearts. This is a great opportunity to write in the card as well, like Phyllis has done on the right in the photo below.

    Once all the ink has dried, fold the inner part of the card down. Then, fold the outer card down and tuck the bottom edge inside the lip at the bottom.  Congratulations: you now have a beautiful and artistic Valentine’s Day card!

    Lindsey’s Matchbook Valentine’s Day Card

    I love the concept behind this card, and I couldn’t help but follow the tutorial myself! I wrote “my perfect match” on the pocket of my valentine for a playful nod to the matchbook shape.

    Lindsey's Matchbox Valentine

    My toddler wasn’t being super cooperative, so I had to move quickly! Instead of creating a folded inside card, I opted to glue down a fun piece of paper with a message of love. Then, I tucked a gift card inside.

    Lindsey's Matchbox Valentine
    Basically, I followed Phyllis’ tutorial through step 3. I finished it up quickly by opting not to make the insert. If you’re pressed for time, feel free to do the same!

    About Phyllis

    Phyllis Macaluso is an incredible artist and calligrapher with a singular style. She uses minimal, delicate, Eastern-inspired brushstrokes to produce expressive floral subjects to accompany her lettering. Phyllis has a background as a schoolteacher and has a passion for teaching students! You can take a seasonal class from her online at Acorn Arts.

    About Phyllis Macaluso

    Phyllis studied extensively with skilled mentors, including Master Penmen like Bill Lilly and Harvest Crittenden. Her work has been featured in publications like Vogue Brides, Dasherie, Calligraphy Crush, and Bound and Lettered. She’s also completed commissions for companies like PBS and Sakura of America. If you love her work, you’ll be thrilled to know that she accepts freelance projects! I strongly encourage you to follow her on Instagram to be wowed and inspired on a regular basis. (And if you pop by her Instagram, be sure to give her some love for this project!)

    Thanks very, very much to Phyllis for creating this tutorial especially for TPK readers! If you like this card, I suspect you’ll also enjoy her folded heart card concept. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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