• Introducing Fantastic Fairytale Calligraphy Drills

    TPK’s new Not Your Average Calligraphy Drills packet features a fanciful fairytale theme. This collection of drills will challenge you, improve your dip pen skills, and teach you how to create a showstopper of a dragon!

    Fabulous Fairytale Calligraphy Drills!
    You can click here to find TPK’s latest (and absolutely enchanting) calligraphy drills packet.

    I’ll be the first to admit: I’ve never liked traditional calligraphy drills. If I’m making a shape, I want to be making something — not just a circle, a loop, or a “U”. That’s why I came up with the Not Your Average Calligraphy Drills concept! With NYACD, you still end up making a lot of traditional drill strokes, but those strokes come together to create a graphic that you recognize. These artistic calligraphy drills fire up your creativity and keep your calligraphy creation fun and fresh!

    Fabulous Fairytale Calligraphy Drills
    The “Not in Kansas Anymore” drill in the new Fairytale Drills packet is really just a collection of calligraphy-improving loops that come together to look like a tornado!

    Meet TPK’s New Fairytale Drills Packet

    The latest addition to the Not Your Average Calligraphy Drills collection has a fairytale theme. Every drill relates back to a fairytale or a fun magical story! You’ll start out by writing simple drills like “Magic Wand” and “Spindle”. These drills help you to practice simple strokes, and they warm you up for the rest of the worksheet.

    Introducing Fantastic Fairytale Calligraphy Drills

    Next, you move on to drills that are a bit more challenging. Don’t worry: the drills worksheet will show you exactly how to create each one and provide you with tracing practice!

    Introducing Fantastic Fairytale Calligraphy Drills

    After the square drills, you’ll find circular drills. These drills are larger than the square drills, and they provide a new kind of practice: dashed lines. I like writing over dashed lines because they force you to focus on stroke contrast as you’re creating a drill!

    Fabulous Fairytale-Themed Drills
    Dashed lines are great because they make you think a little bit more about which strokes to make bold and which ones to make thin!

    The fairytale drills packet concludes with three larger drills: Fairy Wings, Lion, and Dragon. These larger calligraphy drills give you quality practice as they show you how to create a work of art!

    Lion Calligraphy Drill
    Have a Leo friend? Use this lion drill to make a card or mail art for him or her!

    Benefits of Doing Calligraphy Drills

    People have been writing out calligraphy drills for centuries, and for good reason! Calligraphy drills help you to practice pressure exertion, pen movements, and precision. These three P’s come really handy when you want to create fluid, impressive writing! In the case of these Fairytale Drills — and all of TPK’s Not Your Average Calligraphy Drills — you work toward an end. The main goal is to complete the entire drills packet. Then, you can always print out a fresh copy when you feel like you need a refresher *or* you want to warm up before an important calligraphy project!

    Fabulous Fairytale-Themed Drills!

    I have to admit that, while practice is the main focus of this drills pack, my favorite part is the dragon! The flourishes are so eye-catching, and I already used it to spruce up an envelope for a friend of mine who has a particular fondness for Game of Thrones.

    Where to find Not Your Average Calligraphy Drills: Fairytale Edition

    The Fairytale Edition drills packet is available in the TPK catalog, and you can find it by clicking here ($5.00)! There are two other NYACD packets available as well: Garden Edition and Under the Sea Edition.  Regardless of which drills packet(s) you choose to fill out, make sure you print them out on 32# laserjet paper (or another smooth, quality paper). Use your favorite pen and nib combination, or a new pen and nib combination that you wish to familiarize yourself with!

    Winter has arrived, but that’s okay: we’re pretty sure that these calligraphy drills would delight even the Night King!

    I hope that you enjoy filling out these new drills as much as I liked creating them! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments. Otherwise, you can …

    Get Your Fairytale Drills Here!

    Have a great weekend, and happy calligraphy practicing/flourishing!


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