• Printable Holiday Mail Art Envelopes {Freebie}

    Happy holidays, TPK subscribers; here’s a neat little treat for you — holiday mail art envelope templates! Send snail mail with true holiday cheer.

    Printable Holiday Mail Art Envelope Template | The Postman's Knock{This holiday mail art envelope template is waiting for you to download it!}

    Lately we’ve been watching modern-classic holiday movies, from Love Actually to The Nightmare Before Christmas. We have been enjoying the twinkling of the holiday lights downtown and Boulder’s signature shining star on Flagstaff Mountain. Yet, I cannot tell a lie — I’ve had it up to here {gestures to neck} with the ice and the cold. I will be glad to take off to Peru in a few days!

    That said, the cold also gives me an opportunity to cozily hang out and home and paint! Today, I have a treat for you: hand-painted envelope templates ready to send your holiday greetings in. I printed the templates off on 80 lb. white multi-media/drawing paper that I cut to 8.5″ x 11″. It worked really well as far as giving me a nice, opaque white surface. Of course, regular printer paper should work, too.

    Printable Holiday Mail Art Envelope Template

    Don’t be afraid to play around with these or add your own Christmas illustrations! Draw a speech bubble by the tree and make it into a magical talking holiday tree. Draw a few holiday monkeys swinging on the Christmas lights! The important thing is that you send your holiday cards and letters out in creative, unique style.

    Printable Holiday Mail Art Envelope Template

    You can see above what the templates look like before you fold them. All you need to do is fold all the flaps inward; start with the bottom flap, then both of the sides, and finally the top. Glue the side flaps to the bottom flap, then use either regular glue or my homemade envelope glue recipe to seal the top flap. Finish off with a fun calligraphy style, like the Kaitlin (pictured here).

    Printable Holiday Mail Art Envelope Template

    So — what do you need to do to get them? In an attempt to be more organized, I am now offering my free printables via my store. You’ll “check out” {without paying a cent, of course}, and then you’ll have unlimited access to the two templates. Visit this link to find them, and please let me know if you have any problems!

    Stay warm, and hang in there with the hectic holiday preparation!

    XO, Lindsey | The Postman's Knock