• Free Christmas Tree + Lights Printable Mail Art Templates

    Here’s a neat little treat for you — holiday mail art envelope templates! Send snail mail in no time with true holiday cheer. If you want, you can make your envelopes along with me — and I’ve got premium templates available, too.

    Acrylic Christmas Tree Printable Mail Art Template

    We are well into the “holidaze” and close to the end of the year, which is exciting, fun, and just a tad stressful. Today, I have two free printable envelope templates to encourage you to take a creative time-out to recharge and make something cool!

    The Christmas Tree + Lights Printable Mail Art Templates

    These mail art templates were originally designed in 2013, when I was working a lot with acrylic paint. There’s a lot of fun texture in the tree, and the string lights are vibrant and eye-catching! To put together these templates, start by downloading them for free here.

    Printable Holiday Mail Art Envelope Template

    Then, cut them out. Fold all the tabs in, then glue the bottom flaps to the side flaps. Fold down the top flap, and you’re finished!

    Making an envelope

    All in all, the process of printing, cutting, and gluing will take around five minutes. Once you finish, add an address and additional embellishments, if desired. Then, put on the appropriate postage.

    Christmas Tree + Holiday Lights Printable Mail Art Templates with watercolor calligraphy and postage stamps
    I used Kaitlin Style calligraphy to write this address. Then, I applied gold watercolor spatters and vintage postage to make the mail art extra special.

    Don’t be afraid to play around with these or add your own holiday illustrations! Draw a speech bubble by the tree and make it into a magical talking tree, or maybe make a few festive monkeys swinging on the Christmas lights. The important thing is that you send your holiday cards and letters out in creative, unique style.

    Making These Printable Mail Art Templates Together

    I know that you can put together these Christmas Tree + Lights Printable Mail Art Templates without my help, but sometimes it’s more fun to do things together. Go ahead and print your templates, then start the video and we’ll assemble the envelopes and write calligraphy on them together:

    Introducing TPK’s Premium Holiday Printable Mail Art Templates Collection

    This is such a special time of year, and it offers the perfect excuse to let friends and loved ones know that they’re appreciated. On the flip side, this is a very busy time of year, and we often don’t have time to follow through on our good intentions. I’m hoping to give you the nudge you need to send beautiful words (and envelopes) through the mail with TPK’s Holiday Printable Mail Art Templates Collection.

    Holiday-themed printable mail art templates
    This premium collection of printable holiday mail art templates is available through December 26th.

    The collection includes seven gorgeous black and white mail art envelopes that you’re welcome to customize with color and lettering/calligraphy. The envelopes:

    • Feature intricate black and white designs to ensure printing success (sometimes, color designs can print a bit dull or pixelated)
    • Celebrate festive holiday motifs, from snowflake medallions to flourished holiday season symbols like ornaments and a snowman
    • Will provide you with the perfect foundation for a beautiful piece of mail; just add an address (and colorful embellishments, if you so desire)
    The designs included in this collection of printable holiday mail art templates include everything from a flourished snowman to a wintery wreath.

    I hope that you enjoy today’s free printable mail art templates and the premium templates, too. Thanks so much for reading, and hang in there with the hectic holiday preparation!


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