• A Hand Lettering Worksheet Set to Delight Both Analog + iPad Letterers

    Stitches Hand Lettering is a lettering style that I developed in 2017. I love Stitches because it’s so forgiving! Mistakes disappear into dramatic stroke contrast and attention-grabbing connections. As of yesterday, the printable Stitches Hand Lettering Worksheet has undergone vast improvements … and there’s now a Procreate version! If you weren’t sure what you wanted…

    Stitches Hand Lettering Printable Worksheet | The Postman's Knock
    The Stitches Style Printable Hand Lettering Worksheet set is new and improved — and it comes in a Procreate version as well!

    As we move toward launching a new website design next week, I’m determined to make sure everything in the TPK catalog is the very best it can be! I almost feel like I’m doing housecleaning: getting rid of clutter, then polishing the treasures that are here to stay. This week, I focused on making improvements to the Stitches Style Printable Hand Lettering Worksheet — and making a Procreate version for iPad letterers!

    About Stitches Hand Lettering

    In 2017, I came up with Stitches Style Hand Lettering while doodling in my notebook. I liked the idea of a hand lettering style that joined up, almost like cursive, but not quite! Stitches Hand Lettering excels in two areas: stroke contrast and the balance of angles and curves. Some letters are nice and round, like “A”s, while others, like “T”s and “W”s, are all corners!

    Stitches Hand Lettering Printable Worksheet | The Postman's Knock
    This is the notebook page that Stitches Style Hand Lettering first came to life on in May of 2017!

    As the years have gone on, I’ve experimented with Stitches Hand Lettering on several projects, but I *especially* love it on mail art! Its contrast, dots, and letter connections catch the eye.

    Envelope Art Created with Stitches Hand Lettering
    Feel free to add extra dots, lines, and arrows to your Stitches Hand Lettering projects!

    About the Improved Stitches Hand Lettering Worksheet

    When I first came up with Stitches Hand Lettering two years ago, the product I released was just an exemplar. It showed you how to create the style, but it didn’t provide practice opportunities! That changes today. Now, the Stitches Hand Lettering Worksheet contains guided practice for all letters and numbers, and it features a page of word practice.

    Stitches Hand Lettering Printable Worksheet | The Postman's Knock
    Feel free to fill out the printable worksheet with your favorite pen! I like Pilot G2 .05s, Uniball Signo 207s, and Micron Pens (size 3).

    Don’t worry: I didn’t get rid of the exemplar part! The first two pages of the worksheet show you how to form all of the Stitches letters at a glance. The idea is to fill out the worksheet to familiarize yourself with the style, then keep the exemplar portion at hand for when you want to use Stitches letters in real life!

    Stitches Hand Lettering Printable Worksheet | The Postman's Knock

    Those who previously owned the Stitches Style Printable Hand Lettering Worksheet (then known as the Premium Hand Lettering Exemplar: Stitches Style) have received an automatic upgrade to the new version! If you purchased Stitches in the past, take a look in your account to find the new worksheet. If you don’t have an account on TPK, you can download the worksheet from your original order confirmation email!

    About the Stitches Hand Lettering PROCREATE Worksheet

    I have a goal to adapt all TPK worksheets for Procreate — starting with Stitches Style Hand Lettering! The Procreate version of the worksheet set has all the same perks as the printable version, but its layout and instructions are tailored to the iPad.

    Stitches Hand Lettering Procreate Worksheet | The Postman's Knock
    The Procreate version of the Stitches Hand Lettering worksheet was specifically designed for iPad writing.

    I’m a big fan of analog writing, but as a mother, I have to admit that Procreate practice can be breathtakingly convenient! You can always learn on the iPad, then use your skills “in real life” when you’ve got the time and the materials.

    Stitches Hand Lettering Procreate Worksheet | The Postman's Knock
    One of the nice things about Procreate worksheets? You can zoom in to your heart’s desire!

    I have a few tips if you decide to practice with the Stitches Hand Lettering Procreate Worksheet. First, use a Studio Pen brush at size 4% (you’ll find it under “Inking” in the brush library). Second, fill out the worksheet in a color other than black; that way, you’ll easily be able to distinguish your letters from the worksheet letters. Finally, make sure you work within a new layer! You don’t want to modify the original worksheet.

    Stitches Hand Lettering Procreate Worksheet | The Postman's Knock
    Be sure to write in a new layer! You can easily create a new layer by selecting the double squares in the upper right corner, then selecting the plus button in the resulting drop down menu!

    Stitches Hand Lettering Inspiration Photos

    Here are some projects that I’ve used Stitches Hand Lettering on in the past:

    Bullet Journal Titles

    Stitches Hand Lettering Printable Worksheet | The Postman's Knock
    Stitches Hand Lettering looks great in bullet journals because it’s bold, stylized, and eye-catching. Dotted bullet journals make this hand lettering style quite easy to write!

    Place Cards

    “Stitches” Printable Hand-Lettering Exemplar | The Postman's Knock
    Hand lettered place cards provide a refreshing break from standard calligraphy place cards!

    Watercolor Calligraphy

    A (Free!) Watercolor Calligraphy Worksheet | The Postman's Knock
    I used Stitches Hand Lettering in the watercolor calligraphy worksheet that I released a few months ago. I love the color variations!

    Show Your Stitches

    For me, there is nothing cooler than releasing a worksheet and seeing you use it! If you happen to practice Stitches Hand Lettering or use it to make a project, I’d love to see it on Instagram! You can tag @thepostmansknock, or hashtag #thepostmansknock and #stitcheshandlettering. Great work just might be rewarded … 😉

    Stitches Hand Lettering Printable Worksheet | The Postman's Knock

    To recap:

    • You can find the printable version of the new Stitches Hand Lettering worksheet by clicking here.
    • Procreate users can find the iPad-friendly version of the worksheet here. Don’t worry if you’re new to Procreate; I’ve got an FAQ page to help you navigate downloading, opening, and working with the file!

    Thanks so much for reading TPK, and also — thanks for bearing with me as I adjust the catalog! I’m excited to be making improvements to worksheets that I haven’t looked at in a couple of years, and it’s fun to make Procreate versions for those who like to use the iPad for lettering. If Stitches Hand Lettering isn’t your jam, try making your own lettering style! I always enjoy coming up with new styles to write in, and I suspect that you will, too.

    Have a great weekend, and happy writing!


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