Hand lettering provides an engaging and artistic way to communicate! Whether you want to use your lettering for mail art, bullet journals, or another project, you will be delighted with the results. This hand lettering worksheet + exemplar packet will give you all the instruction you need to create “Stitches” Hand Lettering. No previous lettering experience required!

The Stitches Printable Worksheet set features the following pages:

  • Complete Alphabet Exemplar (A-Z, 0-9)
  • Step-by-Step Letter Formations for All Letters/Numbers
  • Practice Exercises for All Letters/ Numbers
  • Word Practice Exercises
  • Implementation Instructions
  • Tips
  • Lined Practice Page

If you have any questions about this hand lettering worksheet set, feel free to get in touch with me or visit the FAQ page!

7 reviews

  1. clar1243

    I really appreciate the “letter formations” section which helps me work through each step of the letter since I require a bit more hand holding with getting the shapes right. I also love the included guidelines and some common words for letters/cards which helps me get ideas on where to actually use this adorable font!

  2. Cindy P

    I smile every time I look at these whimsical letters! How wonderful that they can be created anywhere, with no special supplies at hand.

  3. Maria

    Very original and fun style!

  4. Chukwuma Favour

    This is an amazing piece of worksheet made easy for a beginner calligrapher. Kudos to @thepostmansknock I like your work.

  5. Hannah

    This is amazing!! Great value for the low price—I will most definitely be using the Stitches Style often!

  6. AshleyBaxterCurry

    This has been such a fun lettering style to practice and learn! It’s a great style to incorporate into projects to add a unique flair!

  7. lmguirguis

    Unique fun font looks good colored and in b/w…played around with the ‘stitching’… giving the stitching color… another winner thank you

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