• (Free!) Block Printed Envelope Art Template by Katharine Watson

    Today’s tutorial features a very special — and free! — envelope art printable template designed by artist Katharine Watson! You’re just a print, a cut, and a glue away from creating a whimsical artistic envelope.

    Artist Katharine Watson designed this free printable envelope art template for TPK. Today, I’ll show you exactly how to assemble the template in a tutorial video!

    I have long admired artist Katharine Watson‘s block prints. Her pleasing patterns and clean lines catch your attention and invoke a tinge of whimsy and nostalgia. It’s no wonder that Katharine’s pieces are available in so many stores, even my local Two Hands Paperie. You can imagine my delight when Katharine agreed to design an envelope template for TPK! I love the design that she came up with, and the knowledge that the design was hand-carved makes it even more special.

    How to Use This Printable Envelope Art Template (Video Tutorial)

    If you’ve got ~6 minutes, download Katharine’s envelope art template for free here. Then, print it on a high-quality, smooth paper like 32# HP Premium Laserjet, and put your envelope together along with me:

    How to Use This Printable Envelope Art Template (Written Tutorial)

    (Free!) Block Printed Envelope Template | The Postman's Knock
    Note that printers vary. My Epson printer produced a lighter blue border (pictured here), while my HP printer produced a darker blue border.

    You can download the Block Printed Envelope Art Template for free here. Once you’ve downloaded the PDF, print it off on the paper of your choice (I prefer 32# laserjet), and cut the template out along the guidelines.


    (Free!) Block Printed Envelope Template | The Postman's Knock

    Next, turn the envelope around and fold all of the flaps inward.

    (Free!) Block Printed Envelope Template | The Postman's Knock
    To watch the secret to successful crisp folds, see the Block Printed Envelope Art Template tutorial video.

    Now, glue the two side flaps to the bottom flap.

    (Free!) Block Printed Envelope Template | The Postman's Knock
    I like to use a glue stick for this step. It tends to dry a bit flatter than liquid glue.

    Once you glue the side flaps, you’re ready to add some contents — and an address!

    Adding Calligraphy or Lettering to the Envelope Art Template

    The design of this envelope will complement any calligraphy or lettering style that you choose! I wanted to contrast delicate calligraphy with the substantial flowers and leaves, so I used Janet Style calligraphy with delicate flourishes. The envelope isn’t large enough to calligraph a street address in large letters, so I used unobtrusive Sans Serif lettering below the name.

    (Free!) Block Printed Envelope Template | The Postman's Knock
    Iron gall ink makes it easy to make delicate and impressive hairlines in your calligraphy. This Janet Style calligraphy is a bit more flourished than usual. The flourishes help it to contrast well with the botanical border!

    Envelope art like this merits a return address that’s written on the back. That way, the return address doesn’t distract from the design on the front.

    (Free!) Block Printed Envelope Template | The Postman's Knock
    The return address here was also written in Janet Style calligraphy.

    After you write the recipient’s address, put your desired contents into the envelope. Once everything is safely tucked in, you can glue, tape, or use a wax seal to secure the back flap. (If you plan on printing several of these envelopes for later use, you might consider applying vanilla envelope glue on the back of the flaps.)

    What Makes This Template Special

    I’m not a block printing artist, so it is a real treat to be able to offer something to you that was created using such a cool technique. I’m so grateful to Katharine for designing this envelope template exclusively for TPK!

    (Free!) Block Printed Envelope Template | The Postman's Knock

    The original inspiration piece for this template was printed on a Chandler & Price press. The press is electric — meaning the wheel moves automatically. It’s three feet tall and weighs over a ton, and it’s the one that Katharine uses the most because you can print quite quickly on it! Katharine also has a manual press that she uses to print larger pieces.

    (Free!) Block Printed Envelope Template | The Postman's Knock
    On the left, you can see some of Katharine’s original carvings. The Chandler & Price press is pictured on the right.
    (Free!) Block Printed Envelope Template | The Postman's Knock
    Katharine hand-carves all of her designs; a small-ish piece like the one pictured here takes about eight hours to create. She starts with a sketch directly on the linoleum, and modifies the design as she carves.

    I am proud to have Katharine’s work here on the TPK website, and I hope that you enjoy the free envelope art template as much as I do! If you like Katharine’s art, you can check her out on Instagram or visit her website.

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    These are absolutely beautiful!! I’m so happy to have these for my own personal use!! They are so inspirational, but wonderfully handy for a quick surprise for the recipient! – Calligrasaurus


    I hope that you enjoy today’s gorgeous free envelope art template. Many thanks to Katharine for designing it! Thank you very much for reading, and have a lovely and creative weekend.


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