This hand lettering worksheet set will help you to learn the basics of six different styles of letterforms. It will also show you how to compile those letterforms into a cohesive art piece (should you choose to do so). You won’t need any special materials to fill out this worksheet; if you’ve got a pencil, a pen, and paper, you are set!

This printable hand lettering worksheet set includes the following pages:

  • Illustrated Supply List 
  • Tips 
  • Step-by-Step Description + Practice for Writing:
    • Sans-Serif Style Letters 
    • Open Style Letters 
    • Wishbone Style Letters 
    • Roman Style Letters 
    • Garamond Style Letters 
    • Flytrap Style Letters 
  • Instructions for Writing Words + Letter Spacing
  • Half Inch Grid 
  • Half Centimeter Grid

Once you purchase, you will also be presented with a bonus add-on download: The Making of the Hand Lettering for a Latté Logo. This 3-page printable gives you insight into the process behind making a hand-lettered illustrated piece.

30 reviews

  1. jeff

    Great for learning techniques that are different from ‘calligraphy’. Or something like that. More ways of making strokes and leaving ink. Diversity can be a good thing

  2. deniellenoe

    This is a great set of worksheets with lots of lettering styles to practice and combine into a layout.

  3. Chrys

    This is an excellent resource to supplement calligraphy with fun hand lettering. Lindsey does not skimp on her worksheets. By the time you work through them, you begin to feel confident about mastering the letterforms!

  4. dayaalp

    As Always, Lindsay rocks!! I have taken a number of her courses and have never been disappointed! It’s a very useful tool to create a lot of different kind of Calligraphy art, Lindsey is a wonderful teacher and really addresses so many questions. If you are even considering this course, just do it!!

  5. rebecca251099

    Really clear and easy to follow, and has lots of detail. Great set of worksheets!

  6. Lauren

    I just purchased this yesterday as a little holiday gift for myself, but it’s a lot more than little. There is a lot packed into these pages, and I can’t wait to play around with them. Thank you for this!

  7. kathybehan5

    This was my first attempt at calligraphy and it was so helpful.. I loved all the different choices of lettering styles.

  8. clar1243

    I love this collection of worksheets. They are super approachable, beautifully rendered, and simple to follow along. Highly recommend these to those wanting to play around with new hand lettering techniques!

  9. Debra S Feldman

    Love these worksheets! Easy to follow and fun ideas! Thank you!

  10. olympialau

    I really loved these worksheets. I appreciate all the detail that has gone into the explanations and drawings. Thank you so much!

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