• How to Create a Crayola Crayon Portrait

    How to Create a Crayola Crayon Portrait

    I had so much fun before the holidays creating Crayola crayon portraits for my friends and family, and they’re such an enjoyable project to make that I’d like to share how to create one. I think that with some patience it’s something that anyone could do, though they can be a little time-consuming (but nothingContinue…

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  • Making My Handwriting Into a Font

    Making My Handwriting Into a Font

    For a while now, my other half (an efficiency-obsessed engineering PhD student) has been scheming about ways to “mass produce” my talents. “I’ve got it!” he said one day, “We should make your handwriting into a font!” I flinched and explained that a lot of the reason that people have me write out custom calligraphyContinue…

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  • The Inner Photographer … Brought to You by Photoshop

    The Inner Photographer … Brought to You by Photoshop

    We have been helping a friend set up her website, [www.alternativelivingreiki.com]. As of yet, our progress isn’t astounding, but we have been doing things little by little as we are in Northwestern Kansas for the Thanksgiving holiday. One of those things is taking good pictures that underline what Nichole at Alternative Living Reiki does. ReikiContinue…

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  • 435 South Magazine Tasty Tuesday

    435 South Magazine Tasty Tuesday

    I know, I know. I’ve been remiss in posting about how to make a custom envelope! But I’ve been busy, I promise. On Saturday, we made our way across the great void that is eastern Colorado to end up in western Kansas, where we will remain until after Thanksgiving. Honestly, I love being in myContinue…

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