The Brause Steno (“Blue Pumpkin”) is the perfect addition to your nib collection! For best results, don’t forget to clean this nib before you use it.

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Weight 1 oz

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  1. Christine

    Being fairly new to pointed pen Calligraphy I wanted to try out new nibs without investing a lot in a specific holder or having to buy bulk amounts of new nibs off Amazon that I may not like. TPK offers that personal touch you get from small shops with the products I needed at a wonderful price! Thank you TPK!

  2. Nancy

    Really love my Blue Pumpkin nib from TPK! I’ve transitioned off of the Nikko G and just love how this nib flows!

  3. Kara

    This nib is great! Holds a lot of ink and writes smoothly. My package arrived promptly.

  4. Kara

    This nib is great! I love how much ink it holds and how smoothly it writes. My goodies were packaged adorably and the order arrived promptly.

  5. Lynn S.

    These nibs are fast becoming my ‘go-to’ nibs. Thank you, TPK, for keeping them in stock and at such great prices!

  6. Jenine H.

    I love my new Brause Steno (Blue Pumpkin) nib. As soon as I opened it up and tried it and loved it straight away. I’ve had difficulty with every other nib I have but this one was a lot easier for me to use for some reason. It holds the ink really well and writes really smoothly without catching on the paper for me. Delivery was quick and the nib is very affordable.

  7. Linda Holloway

    These handsome nibs are better for those with a steady, strong hand.
    TPK customer service – care in packaging, thoughtfulness of including a note, and promptness of mailing is excellent.

  8. suziee0097

    I get my Blue Pumpkin nibs from TPK only. Price is reasonable and affordable and delivery is super fast! I love TPK!!!

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