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The Digitizing Artwork and Calligraphy eCourse includes the following, plus a 70-page Digitizing Artwork and Calligraphy eBook to aid in your learning!:

Lesson 1: Scanning Tips Plus an Intro to Photoshop

  • Scanning an Image Video {4 minutes}
  • An Introduction to Photoshop Video {13 minutes}
  • Homework, Multiple Choice and True/False Quiz

Lesson 2: How to Digitize Calligraphy

  • How to Digitize Calligraphy Video {15 minutes}
  • How to Make a Calligraphy Overlay Video {11 minutes}
  • How to Design a Return Address Rubber Stamp Video {14 minutes}
  • How to Digitally Correct Calligraphy Mistakes {9 minutes}
  • Homework, Multiple Choice and True/False Quiz

Lesson 3: How to Digitize Artwork

  • How to Digitize Artwork Video {17 1/2 minutes}
  • How to Prepare White Background Artwork for Professional Printing Video {4 minutes}
  • How to Prepare Full-Canvas Artwork for Professional Printing Video {7 1/2 minutes}
  • Homework, Multiple Choice and True/False Quiz

Lesson 4: Making PDF Files for Home Printers

  • How to Make a Printable PDF File (for At-Home Printing) Video {16 1/2 minutes}
  • How to Display Printable PDF Files Video {8 minutes}
  • Homework, Multiple Choice and True/False Quiz

Lesson 5: Designing Invitations

  • How to Design an Invitation in Photoshop Video {17 minutes} – This video will show you how to make an invitation intended for digital (standard) printing. Note that it’s difficult to design for letterpress printing using Photoshop; many letterpress printers prefer Adobe Illustrator-made vector files.
  • How to Make a Chalkboard-Style Design Video {9 minutes}
  • Homework, Multiple Choice and True/False Quiz

This course should take at least three weeks to finish, and by the time you are done, you will have a solid knowledge of how to work with your artwork and calligraphy using Photoshop! With this knowledge, you can sell professional prints of your art and lettering, take on commissions for wedding invitation design, and design PDF printables for distribution on your blog or website. As you are taking the course, I encourage you to ask questions in the “Discussion” section below each lesson; I will answer Discussion questions within 48 hours!

22 reviews

  1. Danielle

    This course is fantastic! It has been the single best investment for my business, hands down. Lindsey breaks everything down into easy-to-follow steps and includes relevant Photoshop tips that will help take your skills up a notch. I thought I knew Photoshop before, but I was wrong. I’m so grateful that I found this course, it’s made such a huge difference!

  2. Ajab Boparai

    Lindsey’s course is TOP notch. As with all her content, she takes time and effort to minutely walk you through the steps- plus she tells you WHY you are doing it. If you’re struggling with digitization in your business, or you want to learn a new skill, I would highly recommend this e-book. Easy-to-follow directions and detailed guidance, you can’t possibly ask for more.

  3. hollylouiserose

    Thank you so much for this course! I have not enjoyed using Photoshop in my dabbles in the past because it is so confusing and frustrating when you’re a newbie… but this time I had your guidance and I have really enjoyed the process of creating birthday invitations for my husband and daughter’s joint birthday party. I have so many questions now about how to achieve other things through Photoshop- not because the content of this course is lacking, at all. But just because you’ve sparked something now! I would love to sign up for an ‘improver’s’ class, like how to arrange text in a series of justified boxes so that there aren’t only lines of text (if that makes sense!) and how to mirror artwork to create, say, identical corner borders… also, I would love an Adobe Illustrator vectorising course too! (Can you tell I love to learn and create too?!) Thank you again!

  4. KSK

    Hi Lindsey,
    i wanted to take this course ever since your offered it last year. It is exactly what I wanted to do, digitizing my calligraphy and correcting mistakes I made without having to redo the whole piece of artwork. So I,m going for it this year but I do have just one question. Do i need to use a Mac to follow this course? I understand the instructions for Photoshop differs with Mac and Windows. i use windows.

    • Lindsey Bugbee

      Hi there! No, you don’t need a Mac to follow the course — it was made with both Macs and PCs in mind. 🙂

  5. Ajab Boparai

    Hi Lindsey!

    I know your course is gonna be freakin’ awesome so I didn’t even think before giving five stars in advance!

    I’ll be taking your course in January next year after I install Photoshop on my laptop over the holidays. I do have a question (or two) though. Does your course teach how to make printable worksheets as well? I’m planning to compile a few worksheets teaching beginner’s calligraphy a few months down the line, so I’m planning long-term.
    And also, is it better to use a scanner to scan the artwork or would a phone camera suffice? There are scanning apps available, and I have an iPhone 7+, so I’m wondering if I need to invest in a scanner or not.
    Two burning questions for the day for me! Haha
    Thanks in advance!

    • Lindsey Bugbee

      Great questions! The course doesn’t teach how to make worksheets — I make my worksheets in Adobe InDesign. 🙂 I am not sure about a scanner as I can’t speak to the quality of iPhone 7 images. However, my instinct is to say that you should use a scanner! I don’t know how a phone would capture minute pixel details, but maybe they have perfected that technology?

  6. Hannah Bowen

    Hi Lindsey,

    without sounding stupid – would this course work on UK programmes?!

    • Lindsey Bugbee

      Absolutely! The Adobe software is universal. 🙂

  7. Lori

    Hi Lindsey, I have Photoshop Elements 13. I’m am an ultra-newbie. I will purchase either way, but can I use the program I already own? Love how gracious you are with information! You are such a talent. 🙂

    • Lindsey Bugbee

      Hi Lori! The feedback I am getting from current learners is that Elements *can* be used with the course, but the interface doesn’t look the same and sometimes the tools have different names. So, if you have the patience to hunt for a bit to find the different tools you need, then you can use Elements 14 with it!

  8. Lauren

    One of the best photoshop tutorials you will ever get and for an amazing price! I was a very basic beginner. I only used photoshop once and got the hang of the basics, like putting text in there and transferring it to illustrator to vector and that’s about it. I really had no knowledge of how to create things like invites, blog graphics, stamps, etc. and especially didn’t know how to prepare it for digital printing…which is exactly what I needed! This course covers every step and in such detail. While other tutorials may skip mentioning how to get to a specific tool or how to do something just because it may seem so simple, Lindsey does not…she does an amazing job of making it extremely beginner friendly and mentions every step. The ebook that goes along with the course is incredible. It is just as detailed as the videos with images and screenshots to go along with the text. Also love the mini quizzes at the end to recap everything you just watched for each section. I was successfully able to make my own wedding invitations thanks to this tutorial! Don’t hesitate to get this if you are looking to learn photoshop 🙂

  9. Rosana Ang

    I am very very interested in purchasing this program. I do have a question that’s been plaguing me about photoshop. I have tried to learn this on my own using their tutorial and using somebody else’s tutorial. I have downloaded their free month trial to go along with the learning process. I came out frustrated and not really learning from this experience. My son uses it for his work and had warned me that the learning curve for photoshop is long and hard. (and he’s too busy to teach me!) So in your honest opinion, will your program be learner friendly? Maybe i am just slow but a lot of friends have been frustrated with photoshop as well. Please advice…..Thanks Lindsey! I just love your blogs and everything that you do! Take care and blessings to you!

    • Lindsey Bugbee

      Hi Rosana! In all honesty, this course was made for the brand-new beginner, and it goes step-by-step. I am extremely confident that you will be able to use it without frustration. If I’m wrong, I’m happy to issue a refund. 🙂

  10. Thomas

    Lindsey, This is just a suggestion for Amber that asked about the home printer..I have had most everyone, and there are so many good ones to choose from..Problem I always had was running out of ink..With the price of ink always on the rise and printers dropping in would force me to buy a new printer that came with Ink..I Bought an HP Last year, and signed up for the Instant Ink Program through HP..It was easy, Very Inexpensive (my plan is 4.50 a month) But when your ink is Low, Hp gets a signal from your printer and sends new ink before you can run out..I Love it :)Cant wait to start this course..:) Tom F. Btw I have a full set of ink cartridges in my desk drawer for when I run out..HP is Way ahead of me 🙂

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