Colors included in this Finetec Pearl Colors palette are:

  • Silver Pearl
  • Fine Gold
  • Shining Pink
  • Red
  • Fine Lilac
  • Red Violet
  • Blue Pearl
  • Blue Silver
  • Green Pearl
  • Blue-Green
  • Bronze
  • Red-Brown

Additional information

Weight 3 oz

20 reviews

  1. Teri A. Moody

    I bought these as a gift and some for myself! Beautiful colors

  2. Louise

    I ordered this via TPK website, they work well with both light or dark card, brilliant for Work including the TPK Christmas trees.
    Speedy delivery – great service even across the miles – thank you 😊

  3. Rachel

    The colors are so pretty! I deducted a star because it definitely works better on darker paper, and some of the colors hardly show up at all on white paper. But they’re definitely worth the investment and add a bit of sparkle to your work!

  4. roline

    The work I’ve seen Lindsey do with these colours is absolutely gorgeous and if it looks so good on a photo I am sure it will be even better in reality.

  5. LaTanya C

    I love this palette! It’s super easy to use for both calligraphy and regular painting! I especially love how shimmery it is!!!! It dries down so smooth and glossy! I’ll definitely be restocking this palette when it’s time to replace!

  6. Emily Castillo

    These colors are even more beautiful in person! And with her tutorial, you can make the most of them. I’m still practicing technique but am especially looking forward to decorating dark green envelopes for Christmas. They make a lovely gift on their own!

  7. Jessica

    Beautiful to write with.

  8. Emily Norman

    I really love this palette! The colors are very rich and shiny. It took me a few minutes to get the consistency right, but the more I use it, the easier it is.

  9. Adrienne Abbott

    These colors are GORGEOUS. I love how saturated they are, and easy to use with either paint brush or pointed pen. They look great on dark or light paper, too!

  10. Fernie

    I love the pallet. So easy to use and the simmering colors last too.

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