This jar will hold approximately 1 oz. of ink! While the lid’s seal is strong, I wouldn’t recommend taking this jar (or any jar of ink) on an airplane. If you’re traveling, consider watercolor calligraphy as a mess-free alternative!

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Weight 2 oz
White Lid

White Lid

Gold Lid

Gold Lid

15 reviews

  1. Rose

    This is just the perfect size, and so cute! Thank you so much Lindsey!

  2. kbryan1079

    I have bought numerous things from Lindsey’s shop and everything has always ben wonderful!! I recently purchased the glass jars for ink and they are AWESOME i just ordered a couple more 🙂 I have also downloaded numerous worksheets she sends us via email and those are always so helpful for projects!!! Lindsey is great at answering any questions if u ever have those too!!

  3. Debbie

    Just another wonderful and practical teeny supply that will help make my calligraphy journey a success. The right supplies are so important!

  4. Zontziry Johnson

    I have maybe 6 of these and will likely get even more! I love the size and stability. I’ve now traveled twice with these, and, using Lindsey’s tips to minimize the possibility of spilling, and….they have not leaked on either trip. You won’t go wrong with these for mixing gouache, holding Sumi ink, or any other liquid, really!

  5. Rebecca Sedlak

    I’ve used a few different jars that I thought would work just as well or better but I should have trusted Lindsay’s expertise. I have two of these and they are by far my best ink jars – less issues with leakage and never have any trouble opening or closing even if a little ink dries around the edges of the lid.

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