We order oblique pens by the thousands to sell in the TPK Supplies Shop. Once we receive the pens, I fit them for either the Nikko G nib, Brause Rose nib, or I make whole new flange that accommodates Brause EF66 nib. Invariably, however, there are pens in every batch that I cannot sell due to little imperfections. These are those pens!

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Weight 1 oz

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  1. docbrockids

    Beautiful pen!

  2. Michelle M.

    I was impressed with how it was packaged carefully, so that it wouldn’t break on the way. I love the “imperfect” pen. This is my first one and it is great! I don’t really know what the imperfection is, and it just makes it extra special, because it is one of its kind 🙂

  3. mina.blm

    Was so excited to snag one of these “imperfect” pens. Honestly, it is practically flawless, and the little imperfection makes it feel more homey and like something it is ok to make mistakes with!

  4. brenda.renes

    I love my imperfect oblique pen. I can’t even find the imperfection.

  5. Kim Smith

    I’m not even sure where the ‘imperfection’ is in my wooden holder. It’s beautiful and unique and feels great to hold. A very well made product!

  6. Francis

    It took a long time to find the imperfections! A tiny glue bob and a little wood burr. These pens are beautiful to use. So happy I ditched my plastic penholder!

  7. Tamia

    I love this imperfect pens. They go to show that not evrything has to be perfect to be beautiful. I have used them a couple times but the most recent was during Workshop Week and I saw a huge difference in how I was writing compared to before.

  8. WP Battisti

    Purchased an imperfect wooden holder with nib – Very pleased with both! Nib was well fitted and angled, Holder looked near perfect to me! Quality holder at a very affordable price. Well done!

  9. Elizabeth

    The wooden oblique pen is beautiful! The only thing that makes it not “perfect” is a tiny nick near the top, which is hardly noticeable. Would buy again!

  10. Carol Graham

    I bought one of the wooden “imperfect” pens and I have to say, it took me quite awhile to find the flaw . . . “nearly perfect” would be a more apt description! Attention to detail is one of the things that has always made TPK stand out and it’s clear that even the tiniest details are important to Lindsay. I love that I got a great deal on a quality writing instrument that is unique and maybe a little quirky…just like me 🙃
    Now, I’m off to get a Pretty in Pink in my cart before they are all gone!

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