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  1. Bunny

    Thank You, Awesome product and tutorial as always!

  2. Sherry Cole

    This is a great information you’ve given us. I’m working on my 4th initial. My problem is that I have a Zaim and Xavier in my immediate family. I am trying to rework the N by turning it sideways, reworking the end pieces by using the E and then I’ll just borrow one of the scrollwork pieces to elongate the Z. That’s my plan, anyway. The X has me stumped, though. I’ve looked at both the Botanical and Next Step Illuminated alphabets and the X just isn’t speaking to me, the way these Beginner Illuminated initials have done. The neighbor hood twins are looking forward to their initials and as my granddaughter just got back home from her travels, she’s expecting one also. One thing I’ve noticed, on the water color paper that I have, one side is smooth and the other a tiny bit textured. My first initial was on the smooth side but the next two were on the textured side. The textured side seems to be bleeding, even the black outline appears to be feathering. I know now that any more initials are going to be on the smooth side.
    I Love this website!!! I hope you keep after it for many more years.

  3. Sue Meade


  4. Kate Smith


  5. Gabri

    Enchanting -love this

  6. Michelle Charbonneau

    Awesome resource, thanks so much

  7. Lee Stevens

    Brilliant video

  8. Joseph Michniewicz

    Thanks for sharing this video.

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