Whether you’re a student looking to improve your print handwriting for school assignments or an adult looking to make your written correspondence look polished, this printable worksheet is an invaluable resource. With easy-to-follow instructions and plenty of practice opportunities, the Improve Your Print Handwriting worksheet PDF will help you achieve the neat and legible print handwriting you’ve always wanted! Worksheet includes:

  • Six drills (Tally, Dash, “U”, Fishhook, Shark Teeth, and Pearls)
  • Letter formation instructions + traceable practice (A-Z, a-z, 1-0; includes some alternate letterforms)
  • Five English pangrams to practice spacing and letterforms
  • Four non-English pangrams to uplevel that focus on spacing and letterforms (Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch)
  • Blank grid page that you can use for additional practice or projects like writing letters

The worksheet is © The Postman’s Knock and is for personal use only. I created its elements using a Pilot G2 05 pen, but I encourage you to use the pen or pencil that you like best. The worksheet is appropriate for children, but it will be most helpful if they already have experience writing in print.


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