TPK glass dip pens are suitable for left- and right-handed writers. These pens measure 7.25 inches long and have a 0.8 mm tip.

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Weight 2 oz

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  1. Johanna

    THE BEST PEN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cardiganbuttons

    It is very easy to use, and it glides really well. I often use it to write letters, and it is very fun to change the color of ink with ease. It is a lot easier than I imagined and anyone could use this! It is fun and beautiful.

  3. Alicia H

    I bought this pen for my 16-year-old daughter’s birthday (along with Mr. Ph. Martin’s inks and the adorable glass jars). She oohed and ahhed over the beauty of the pen and found it so fun to write with. We were pleasantly surprised at the long length of time we could write and not need to redip. Thanks for offering such a quality product!

  4. April Bagster-Collins

    Love these dip pens, I use them in my shopping lists too! So fun and easy to use. Pretty and cool. Feeling pretty cool when using this.

  5. Emily Voeller

    Love love love this pen. Sooo much fun to use! 😍😍

  6. Louise

    This is the best glass dip pen I have used. It writes in a fine consistent line and is easy to use. It is also pretty. I have used a couple of other glass pens and this one writes so much better than any of the others.

  7. Cynthia Nunes

    I haven’t touched a dip pen of any kind in maybe forty years. I love this pen. It’s beautiful and writes easily. So pretty! Thank you Lindsey and Team!

  8. Diane Hart

    Love this pen. Holds lots of ink, and it flows beautifully from the pen with no pools of ink. I use it for handwriting practice, faux calligraphy, and ink drawings in connection with watercolor. Like the idea that I can use many colors of ink and watercolour paint as well for writing.

  9. Athena PN

    This is a glorious pen! I tried a well-known brand glass pen at a similar price years ago & it was like writing with a blunt nail, but I’m SO GLAD I tried this one (thank you Lindsay!) This pen is very well-packaged, gorgeous to look at, feels good in the hand, holds a surprisingly large amount of ink & writes beautifully. The nib is well-drawn out to an impressive point & there’s plenty of material on the nib so I expect it to last a very long time indeed. After my first experience I never thought I’d enjoy writing with a glass pen but I recommend THIS pen wholeheartedly, no matter your level of experience. 5+ stars!

  10. Janice

    What a beautiful pen, and fun to write with. I never thought a glass pen would be anything all that special, but this truly is fun to use. Now, to get my handwriting to be as pretty as this pen…

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